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What a difference the rain makes!


SO after months and months of dry weather we’ve finally had some rain – and what a positive difference that makes to river fishing.

With most rivers now finally having some colour in them it really does make the fish feed with a lot more confidence, that’s for sure! But that’s not to say that the fish have been starving all summer. They feed every day – it’s just that the clear water made them that little bit more wary of angler pressure.

With more rain on the way, and a whole lotta wind too – I would think that this weekend and the beginning of next week could be the best barbel window of the year to date. So if you can brave the conditions, get out there and try and catch one! They are awesome fish that really do pull your string.


EFG 151 – it smells like Bovril and the fish love it!

The past couple of weeks have been quite traumatic for yours truly – what with the Tackle & Guns Trade Show and a heap of new product launched (which you will read all about in next week’s Angler’s Mail).

So it was a relief to be able to pop out on Tuesday night and grab a couple of hours on the river. Conditions looked perfect and I’m now quite into this short session barbelling – you only need a few hours!

Tuesday was a casing point – arrived on the river at 5.45pm and was on the bank in position at 6pm. I put in three balls of Marukyu EFG 151 laced with pellets (it’s a groundbait best described as smelling of ‘Bovril’ and the carp and barbel seem to love it).

I then set up the rods… both with the Method… and put them both within a yard of each other pretty much under the rod tips. Hookbait was a whittled down Fruit Spice boilie tipped with our new Credence Corn (it’s out in two weeks I might add).

The rods were in at 6.30pm… I had a wrenching bite at 7.05pm which resulted in a new pb (yay!) at 13lbs 2oz… carried on fishing till 8pm and was home in time to see the second half of the football. Perfect!

Nick with his new pb - all 13lb.02oz of it

Nick with his new pb – all 13 lb 2 oz of it.


Top ‘coloured water’ barbel tips


Coloured water means that the fish are finding your bait by scent – so use something smelly. Fishy baits like krill boilies and halibut pellets work well.

Fish the Method – it might be unfashionable to do so but it really really does work – and putting your hookbait next to a big ball of smelly groundbait in a swollen river really can pay dividends. I don’t use a Method feeder to do this – and generally just mould my groundbait around a Korda Grippa lead. I put the groundbait on hard too – I want it to stay on for about 15 minutes so that there is a constant scent trail to my bait. After 15 minutes I recast.

A change from Krill to Fruit Spice caught Nick his new pb

A change from Krill to Fruit Spice caught Nick his new pb

If the river is really in flood – fish the slack water. You will need to build up a mental picture of what’s going on in your swim – and every swim will be fifferent. It’s time to use your watercraft.

Alternate your hookbaits – nearly all of my fish this year have come on krill boilies – but last nights fish fell to a Credence Fruit Spice boilie that I whittled down like a cored apple – and tipped off with a piece of Marukyu’s new Credence Corn.

Gear up for your quarry! If you know there are some big fish there – be prepared for them. When they tear off down a raging river – they’ll take some stopping! When the Derwent was low and clear I dropped down to 8lb fluoro and 12s and 14s… now there is some colour and flow Kryston Supa Nova and size 8s are the order of the day. Carp rods and 12lb mainline is ideal.

When you’ve caught one – rest it in the landing net before you take any pictures – and when you do take pictures take them quickly and get the fish back in the water as soon as possible. But again, rest it first and make sure the fish is strong enough to cope with the flow before you release it.

One final thing… don’t leave your rods unattended! If any fish is going to pull your rod in – it will be a big barbel. You’ve been warned! 😉



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