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Next up on our Big Fish Blog is Korum, keeping you up to speed on what their whole team has been up to. The highs, the lows, and all the fun stuff in-between. This lively blog comes from brand manager Mat Woods.

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Step forward one of our blogging crews – the specimen anglers from top tackle brand Korum




Shaun Hodges is the latest addition to the Korum team.

IT’S BEEN another month of madness here at Korum HQ. With the recent Tackle and Guns Show, preparation for arrival of new products, and all manner of exciting goings on, we’ve hardly had time to think. As Korum rapidly expands as the UK’s number one coarse fishing brand, our consultancy team is growing with it. We are proud to announce the addition of top specimen angler Shaun Hodges to our already impressive line-up of consultants.

Shaun is a well-known figure in the specimen world, with a string of big captures to his name. After many years targeting huge carp up and down the country, racking up a string of big fish, he turned his attentions to specimen-sized fish of other species.
In a short period of time, he has amassed a very impressive list of big fish, and we know there are many more to come.

In the last few years, Shaun has impressed with monster river roach, barbel, rudd and a most incredible crucian carp session landing no less than three 4 lb fish and seventeen over 3lb.
Having worked in the fishing industry for the past 16 years, Shaun really knows his stuff when it comes to tackle, having worked his way up to tackle shop manager at fishing superstore, Hinders of Swindon. His knowledge will prove invaluable in future product development.

Ed Matthews, also joins the Korum boys.

We’ll be working closely with Shaun over the next couple of months so keep checking the Korum website for new blogs and articles. And of course, big fish catch reports!

Shaun isn’t the only angler to have joined the Korum Team… Please welcome the bright young specimen fishing star that is Ed Matthews.
The Staffordshire-rod, well-known for his big predator catches, has caught big pike up to 42 lb 4 oz, zander over 16 lb and eels over 7 lb. With multiple 3 and 4 lb-plus perch to his name, monster 50 lb carp from home and abroad and plenty of double-figure barbel to his name, Ed’s a talented young angler with a bright future.



The run up to T&G is always a very hectic time for all involved. The buzz of revealing a product is great, and hearing the comments from the retailers that will be selling these products, keeps you going over the weekend, along with countless cups of tea and coffee!

Overhearing retailers talk about the products gives you the best idea of their opinion on the new tackle. Let’s face it, we can all nod and agree when somebody shows you a new rod, but is that what you are really thinking? It then makes you feel better when you overhear positive comments. Comments on how the price range is perfect and how having simple little touches on luggage and maximising space have improved an already fantastic product.
After T&G is over things usually calm down, you can gather up your information, and carry on with day-to-day tasks – or so I thought! Not me, I had another crazy week ahead, preparing tackle and a mountain of camera equipment for a trip to Preston Innovations Italy’s Open Day.


And so to Italia!

Preston Innovations Italy recently held an Open day for the public, retailers and the press to come and see the new gear from Preston, Korum, Avid Carp and Sonubaits. This wasn’t just your standard Open day! Spanning over three days, the team over in Italy had arranged for various different things to be happening.
The first day was a Club Korum Day. The local school children in Umbertide were brought down to the river bank, given an educational talk about the environment, the fish in the river, and the respect that they deserve. It was then time to fish. Each child got chance to catch at least one fish, all using the Club Korum Kits. At the end of the day, there were over 50 children going home with a huge smile on their face, and Tommy Pickering’s signature on their arm!
The second day was the main open day, with a huge stand showing off the products, demonstrations on how to use Sonubaits groundbaits and pellets and even chance to fish with Tommy Pickering and Des Shipp. There was a huge amount of people that came down some having travelled over 3 hours. The third day would be a match. 300 of the best Italian anglers descended on the river, some to fish a pole only match, others for a feeder only match. Both matches would be a test of angling skill on a tricky river. England Feeder Team manager showed just why he has the role, managing to win the entire feeder match, while England International Des Shipp came second overall in the pole match, being beaten by a mere 100g!
The event was a huge success, all down to the dedicated Preston Innovations team in Italy.

Tommy Pickering and Des Shipp showing off their bounty as match champion and runner up at the Korum Club open day in Italy


Korum catch up!

Chris Ponsford has had some good sessions lately, netting carp up to the 30lb mark.

What about the rest of the Korum team? Well they’ve been doing what they do best, searching for big fish to catch. Dai Gribble has set his sights on perch, a recent trip to the River Severn armed with a bag of worms resulting in a 2 lb 6 oz stripy.

Loveable rogue, Chris Ponsford is targeting a secret stillwater near his home in search of carp. Armed with a tackle box full of new Xpert Rig gear he has had carp crawling up his rods. Bagging some stunning big carp to nearly 30lb. I’m sure there’s something he’s not telling me about his success, as soon as I know I’m sure we will reveal all in a future issue of the Angler’s Mail.

Fish machine Phil Spinks is keeping up his reputation, chasing after pike in his boat on the Norfolk Broads, catching huge numbers of double figure pike, he’s not managed one over 20 lb so far this autumn but the way he’s catching it won’t be long.

Korum brand manager, Mat Woods still hasn’t put the golf clubs away for winter just yet; but he’s been gathering information and preparing his Snapper gear for a session with Dai Gribble this weekend. Perch and pike are the targets, lets hope for a huge result.


Pest control

Me, well I’ve been doing all sorts of fishing this month. I twisted the Pons’ arm to let me have a go on his secret lake.
With the amount of big fish in the lake and even big fish in my swim, to say I was excited when my bite alarm went into meltdown was an understatement. I kept up my reputation as pest controller slipping the net under possibly one of the smallest fish in the lake, at around 13 lb, a stunning fish nonetheless.
I also sneaked out for an hour on the river while the other half was watching X-factor and bagged a lovely 6lb barbel. I’ve now turned my attention to stripys!

Adam with a 13lb carp


Korum Fishing Made Easy DVD free to watch online now.

If you want to see the Korum team in action, I urge you to visit your local tackle shop and check out the new Korum Fishing Made Easy DVD.
It’s 90 minutes of non-stop action, angling advice and loads of tips and tricks that will help you catch more fish.
It’s also available to view online, just visit http://www.korum.co.uk/DVD_Archive.php
The DVD is totally free and really good entertainment. Informative, helpful and exciting to watch, with the lads constantly locked into battle with hard fighting fish.



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