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A monster fat perch, all 49.9 cm of it, caught on a Joker lure. See below for diagrams on how to use this and lures like it.


IT’S  a fat, fat perch but we’ll never know its weight. Angler’s Mail can however reveal here online how it was caught!

The full range of Joker lures.

This 49.9 cm perch – possibly over 6 lb – was put back quickly after a simple measuring because it was caught in northern Germany, where weighing fish is not such a big deal as in the UK.

Using what they reckon is “the deadliest weapon when it comes to hunting perch” Quantum Specialist team angler Fredrik Harbort and his fishing partner Sascha Cervenjak enjoyed  three short afternoon sessions at a marina, and landed a staggering 42 perch over 40 cm!

After modest successes with various traditional soft lures, Fredrik, quickly followed by Sascha, switched to a 4 gr Quantum Joker lure, now available in five new colour variations.

Fredrik said: ‘I love it when fishing is entertaining!

‘The only explanation I have for the extraordinary success in six to eight metres of water and the simultaneous failure of traditional soft lures is that this area is generally intensively fished.

‘The wary predators are as familiar with soft lures sinking down from above their heads as they are with the sound of a weight head hitting the bottom. This makes them difficult to tempt with traditional soft lures.

‘The Joker is so extraordinarily special in all respects that it has become the deadliest weapon when it comes to hunting perch.

‘Fredrik Harbort, who co-developed the bait, has landed hundreds of big perch with the Joker since the first test phase.

‘The most important aspect is the angling technique with relatively high jumps followed by a freefall of the bait. This only works with very slack line so it requires a little practice.’




Angler’s Mail magazine – No.1 for British predator fishing coverage – is pleased to share this German catch with you. And here we bring you diagrams below on how to fish in the same style as these successful German anglers…





But is lure fishing actually growing in Britain?

Angler’s Mail editor Tim Knight jokes that every year he hears UK tackle trade people say that “lure fishing is the next big thing.” That’s every year… for the past 20 years!

It seems unlike in Europe, it’s taking a long time to switch more British anglers onto the benefits of lures – and baits still rule.

But the lure methods being disclosed by clued-up specialist anglers – guys with connections to the likes of top brands Fox Rage, Rapala, Ecogear and Savage Gear – are convincing proof that the tactics DO work.

Indeed a giant perch is in the pages of the latest Angler’s Mail magazine. And some superb insight into how to use them, with an awesome lure style, will be disclosed in the next Pallatrax Specimen Cup update in our bumper Christmas magazine (on sale from Tuesday, December 18, with free gloves).

It seems like if you give some thought to what you are doing, and not just chucking and chancing it with lures, the rewards can be had.

And the extra mobility means you can cover more water where big hungry pike or perch might be living.

Plus you stay warmer… and get fitter!

All in all, it clearly makes sense to give lure fishing a proper try this winter.

If you’ve had great results on a lure, or any method, be sure to report your catch to anglersmail@ipcmedia.com



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