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FISHING time has been limited for the past month, what with work commitments and all. In fact since my last rambling I’ve only been back in the UK for a week – but I’ve still managed to get out for a few evenings. Unfortunately this has led to a string of disasters – one of which may well strike a chord with a few of you…

The story starts like this.. I received some new kit last week. Shiny new Wychwood gear. Very impressive it is too – and I’ll give you an in-depth review of it next month…

Amongst the gear was some lovely new reels which I loaded up with (what I thought was) 10 lb line – perfect for my barbel fishing. The line was labeled up as 0.28mm and like any of you would, I took that as face value.

Anyway… twas last Sunday night and I popped up to the Derbyshire Derwent for a few hours. I was targeting chub and barbel – so my 10lb line was perfect. This particular stretch is a tad snaggy – but should be OK… or so I thought!

Fishing with one of Marukyu’s new Credence Krill Feast boilies and small PVA bags of groundbait (EFG 142 if you want to know) and JPelletz… I popped the rods in.

What EFG 142 and JPelletz look like underwater – stunning!

Because I was fishing at close quarters, I sat well back and waited. And waited. And at 10.40pm my patience was rewarded with an absolute screamer of a run.

I picked the rod up, clicked the reel into gear and felt absolutely nothing… reeling back I found my hooklength (which was 10lb fluorocarbon) had been sliced in half. I’m guessing it was on a rock as the fish ran… but I’ll never know on that one.

Obviously I was quite annoyed, but that’s fishing! So I packed up and went home.

Next night I went back – same stretch, same bright sunny conditions, same peg. I set up again, determined to put to rights my disaster from the evening before.

It was about 8.30pm when I got there. I trickled in a few more free offering this time – a handful of boilies… and four or five casts in quick succession with the PVA bags to ensure there was some food down there… then sat back… and waited.

It was about 10.30pm when the right hand rod absolutely screamed off again. I picked up the rod and the fish shot off downstream. About 30 yards downstream there is an old sunken log, so I applied the brakes slightly with the clutch and ping! Main line snapped! What?!

Needless to say I packed up and came home. Utterly disgusted with myself. And it was when I got home that I realized the problem…

Remember how I’d respooled with 10lb line? Well… hopefully you can see on the picture – the old line (which is clear) and the new line (which is brown). Both claim to be 0.28mm. Both claim to be 10lb line. Yet they clearly are not the same!

I did some digging here and there appears to be something called the ‘EFTTA line charter’ that means that line now has to be accurately labeled.

Not all manufacturers subscribe or adhere to the rules – which means that you, as an angler, when you buy your line – never actually know what you are getting.

It could be ‘old school’ 10lb line that breaks at 15lb+… or it could be 10lb line that breaks at an accurate 10lb. What’s the problem? Well… ‘old school’ 6lb line breaks at 10lb… and there lies the problem!

So are you using what you think you are using? Well… to save you the pain I’ve just been through… I found  a useful guide (click here) that will give you some idea about the myths and lies about line… I hope it helps!

Anyway… it doesn’t take a rocket science to work this out – but I’ve respooled my reels with the old 10lb line and I’m off to rectify the lost fish situation! Watch this space!



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