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Thursday is our Big Fish Blog and it’s the turn of Pallatrax, our Specimen Cup sponsors. Team Pallatrax leader Clint Walker wrote this interesting instalment, covering specimen hunting, match fishing and more.

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Pallatrax, sponsors of the Mail’s Specimen Cup, will blog in the Big Fish Blog section.



THE continued success of the Pallatrax backed Anglers Mail Specimen Cup has seen our products very much in focus this month.

Repeated exposure in the UK’s top angling magazine has seen interest in what we do soar as anglers eager to emulate the catches of others find out more about Pallatrax; so much so that we have seen a number of reports sent to us by Specimen Cup winners who have used their Pallatrax prizes to good effect!

First to submit to us was Gareth Evans who won recently and visited his local carp lakes to land five carp to 32lb 6oz when he used his Pallatrax ‘The Hook’ which came in his prize package.

Gareth told us how impressed he was with the pattern, commenting: “I must say I’m very, very impressed with them, an excellent boilie pattern that’s nice and sharp, robust and easy to get on with; so much so that I’ll be on the phone tomorrow, using my 20% discount card to stock up with a few packs!”  

Obviously we are pleased with such fine feedback and it’s always a pleasure to see customers do well….

Gareth’s 29lb 12oz carp netted on Pallatrax gear.

11-year-old Matt Billups also did well with his prizes when he connected with a smashing River Trent barbel of 13 lb 1 oz which was also taken on ‘The Hook’ baited with one of our Multiworm natural boilies! The fish came after the only bite of Matt’s 12-hour session, just as he was packing up, and he was understandably over the moon with it!

Find out more about ‘The Hook’ here.

Meanwhile, a trip to the River Wye proved fruitful for MD Simon Pomeroy and some of the team who caught lots of chunky chub, big bream and some cracking barbel when they targeted a stretch near Hereford.

Top tactics included elixir6 squabs wrapped in matching paste presented on Pallatrax Terminal Contact rig bits. Whilst by the river, new style clothing was ‘modelled’ (ahem!) by the lads ready for the forthcoming launch in the very near future, so keep an eye out for it coming soon!


Jungle tears in up at Emperor

Our association with Devon venue Emperor Lakes continues to progress; Pallatrax Jungle baits are currently THE bait to be use down there with a string of quality fish falling to this dreamy tigernut/peanut mix. Mark Owen shared a couple of stunning carp taken during one his session which came in at 29lb 7oz and 29lb 10oz, and Oisin Riley, Tim Mountjoy and others consistently catch with plenty of fish to 36lb reported! Emperor Lakes currently stock Pallatrax products onsite, so no excuse for not using them!


Social media feedback – and you chance to win!

Facebook and Twitter are a relatively new phenomenon to us at Pallatrax, but since we really engaged with them properly and sought to take advantage of what they offer, we have seen interaction with our customers rise dramatically.

Many of our media team contribute stories, hints, tips and tales to share with our users who can then use the format to ask direct questions to our anglers and staff which are then answered almost immediately; it’s something we seek to explore further to really take advantage of, but at the moment, our  Facebook is extremely popular! Don’t forget we also offer a FREE weekly prize draw so you can have the chance to pick up bait and tackle just by ‘liking’ our page, so don’t miss out!


Web crew strike on Multiworm

We would also like to pass on our thanks to the gang at Catch and Release who we are also currently working with to further both brands. The team at www.catch-and-release.co.uk have an excellent website which has loads of good great information and even a resident chef offering recipes for the bank! One of their anglers, John Flewin, took Pallatrax Multiworm baits out for the first time, and at time of writing has just bagged a 41lb 2oz pb! His first fish of 29lb+ came just ten minutes after casting out, so we have another convert….Pallatrax; it’s a natural choice!


Needle and Drill Combination Tool

Palltrax’s Needle & Drill Combo

One product that has caught people’s attention – and not caught in their fingers – is this one, our Needle and Drill Combination.

Like many anglers, I need a drill to bore hard baits and a needle to thread them onto hair rigs; like many anglers, I often reach into my tackle box and get a sharp pain as my fingers come into contact with the exposed points of a variety of other drills, stringers and needles hidden beneath the multitude of other bits piled in untidily!

The Pallatrax Needle/Drill combo offers everything I need to penetrate and thread baits onto my hooklinks, and because the points can be hidden, no more sore fingers!

A stainless steel tube, threaded at both ends, hides two separate tools and offers a firm base for manipulation when required.

Both tools are turned with opposite screw threads to allow them to be seated ready for use or ready for storage; the threads are further enhanced by small rubber ‘O’ rings which ensure the ‘bits’ do not turn, twist or flex whilst in use and offers additional security to avoid loss. Knurled finger grips make the tool easy to use, especially in winter when cold fingers may not be so dexterous!

The Pallatrax drill/needle combo is just £4.95 available to purchase online.

The Pallatrax combo tool is around 80mm in length and each tool is 33mm long; this is easily able to thread two 14mm boilies onto any hair rig, or allow accuracy when drilling through tough baits. A longer drill bit may flex under pressure, leading to unwanted holes in hands or fingers, so a shorter length helps to reduce deflection and increase strength.

The threading needle is finished with a ‘hook’ rather than a barb or gated release to enable baits to be transferred easily without breaking delicate offerings.

The Pallatrax combo tool presents two tools in one; find out more at www.pallatrax.co.uk RRP £4.95


And finally – a new stockist

More good news for us at Pallatrax with the addition of even more accounts; highlighted this month is Waterbuoys Tackle, Unit 5, Red Lion Business Centre, Latchingdon, Essex, who now stock a multitude of Pallatrax products, so if you are nearby, please pop in and see what they have to offer; you can call them on 01621743880 to find out more….


Tight lines, Pallatrax


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