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Thursday is our Big Fish Blog and it’s the turn of Pallatrax, our magazine’s Specimen Cup sponsors. Team Pallatrax leader Jez Brown wrote this interesting instalment.

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SEASON 2012-3013 – the weather did not help!!

THE season’s weather, on the whole, was just awful. June 16th met us with floods and mild weather and we waved March 14th goodbye with more floods and freezing weather. In between those dates – well it was pretty bad too…

Team Pallatrax have had a busy and enjoyable season with some notable successes. Rob Swindells and Roman Vann joined the team as we continue to add strategically so we can cover all aspects of angling for all species, watch out for some great pictures from these acclaimed anglers next season.

We finally got Ray Pulford to catch something else rather than carp and he finished the season with new PB’s for barbel, pike, grayling, chub and perch!! Here is Ray with his first ever barbel caught back in June on the Wye on the tried and tested Elixir 6 squabs and paste.

Ray Pulford with his first barbel of the season back in June

September turned out to be the mild month and Ryan and Pom scored well with fantastic barbel. Ryan’s awesome autumn fish and Pom’s 11 lb+ Wye fish were both caught on short 4” hooklinks in conjunction with the Stonze, a great clear water edge.

Simon Pomeroy with an 11lb barbel on the Wye

Jez with a nice 3lb perch

September was also the culmination of Luke’s efforts on the Thames with a 14 lb 8 oz barbel caught on his favoured Crustacean Cocktail boilies.

I (Jez) managed this decent 3lb5oz perch from the Kennet which was a real bonus having spent some time trying to catch a decent specimen and it’s something I’ll be focusing more on next season.

Well coming into December river fishing became increasingly difficult and sometimes dangerous with massive floods – please do remember to be safe out there and no fish is worth risking your life for. Most of the team switched to pike and we had some great times with multiple catches to over 20lb.

Tom Downing continues to do really well on the match scene with some notable success and is proof that practice makes perfect as Tom works hard to refine his method and techniques with Pallatrax products.

Bravest man of the year award goes to James Wenglorz who fished through shocking weather in February to catch some great carp including a Valentine’s Day cracker.

James Wenglorz battled the freezing cold for this Valentine’s day cracker

The season ended with freezing conditions and we finished on the Wye – Callum Hannabuss had this cracking 7lb’er on Elixir paste, well done young man!!

Young Callum Hannabuss netted this 7lb at the end of the season


So that was the river season for 2012-2013, let’s hope the weather picks up and the tench and carp get their heads down and we have a productive April and May.

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