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We take predator fishing seriously at the Mail, so are delighted our pals at the PAC are on board. This instalment comes from PAC’s Steve Davison and Shane Patterson, focussing on Pikeathlon 2013.

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SOME of you will already be well aware that plans have been underway for some time for a charity event called Pikeathlon 2013 in which two PAC members will fish 14 different PAC regions in fourteen consecutive days as far afield as Gloucestershire to Inverness.

Steve Davisson – happy man behind Pikeathlon

Each day we have a different expert guide to provide local knowledge and that extra bit of star appeal.

The idea first came to me while watching Children in Need a couple of years ago. I had just joined the PAC but was aware of the various good works that was already been carried out for charity throughout the UK but mainly on a local or regional basis.

It has been quite a while since I stopped singing for my supper in the North East pubs and clubs but I still get a thrill out of doing my bit at local charity gigs whenever possible. I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to combine my passion for fishing with my enjoyment of charity fund raising.

The charity we are supporting is Diabetes UK. With an ever increasing number of the UK population contacting diabetes (myself included) research is vital to help prevent and hopefully cure this potentially debilitating disease.

As the event moves ever closer the original plan of fourteen consecutive days might seem a little ambitious but it has to be a challenge to make it important enough to support, and although there have been some hiccups along the way I’m very happy to say that so many PAC members have pledged their support to the event. It would not be right (or possible!) to do them justice by listing all of the individuals at this point in time but thank you all anyway.

FAQ’s by Shane Patterson

Q: So you might ask yourself: what is the PIKEATHLON?

A: The concept is that is an endurance fishing expedition to promote the PAC of GB and make some money for DIABETES UK our nominated charity. It is planned to have two or more PAC members living on the road and “piking” non- stop over 14 days, at a minimum of 14 venues as guests of at least 14 local PAC regions and volunteer guides. We will fish, drive, & do talks throughout the event starting the evening of Saturday 23rd February 2013.

Q: Who are the pike- athletes?

The “crew” consists of me, Shane Patterson RO of RA21/89: Darlington, Teesside & Durham PAC and Steve Davison of Darlington, Teesside & Durham PAC.

Q: Which charities are to benefit & how?

A: The charity endorsed by the national PAC committee is Diabetes UK. We will be using sponsor forms, launching the “Just- giving” & “Just- texting” website, as well as using collection buckets, and raffling any equipment or prizes donated by our list of sponsors.

Q: How do I make a donation?

To make a donation you can pay direct into the bank account at Barclays Bank:

Account name: Pikeathlon 2013
Account no. 73329208
Sort code. 20-09-44


Just Giving site: http://pikeathon2013.blogspot.com/ (includes online giving & texting info as well as a blog-spot).


For more details of the event in your area contact local PAC regional officers: talks will be held the evening prior to each regional day! Details for myself and other RO’s to be found at: www.pacgb.co.uk



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