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Thursday is our Big Fish Blog and it’s the turn of Pallatrax, our Specimen Cup sponsors. Team Pallatrax leader Clint Walker wrote this interesting instalment, covering specimen hunting, match fishing and more.

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Pallatrax, sponsors of the Mail’s Specimen Cup, will blog in the Big Fish Blog section.



YET again, October has been another madly successful month at Pallatrax HQ with LOADS going on……

We will start this blog with news that our Media Team Manager Clint Walker was asked to ‘appear’ on a radio programme (he’s got the face for it!) to talk all things ‘fishy’. This obviously includes discussing the partnership between Pallatrax and Angler’s Mail which has seen featured catch reports suitably rewarded with cash and product prizes.

It was of considerable interest to the presenters of ‘Sports Scene’ (Moorlands Radio 103.7FM) to have an anglers point of view rather the usual football or cricket commentary, and several e-mails and texts were received during the thirty-minute show to put our man on the spot! Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience, despite going out live, and another invite was offered for a later date.

Some members of our Team, along with Pallatrax MD Simon Pomeroy, also travelled to the recent Tackle and Gun trade show held at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, where we all had the chance to meet acquaintances old and new.

It was fun to drop into the Angler’s Mail stand to meet with staff and discuss future campaigns and share a cuppa or two. We did have a few issues with a couple of our staff who just wouldn’t leave ‘Koi Hodgson’ alone until they had been pictured with the latest angling star…….


Jez (l) and Simon Pomeroy meet AM mascot ‘Koi Hodgson’

We also had a coffee with regular Mail contributor Steve Collett who as usual provided his views on the trade as an ‘insider’ which was great fun to listen to; hopefully Steve will find time to fish with some of our lads for forthcoming Angler’s Mail features….seems like all we did was drink tea and coffee…….!

Last month, we wrote about young Trent angler Matt Bilups who had bagged a cracking 13 lb 1 oz barbel using Pallatrax rig bits and Multiworm baits; well, he’s only gone and done it again with an even bigger fish of 15 lb 1 oz! Matt and his dad Darren used pellet tipped with imitation maggot to snare four barbel from a rising River Trent and landed all of them on Pallatrax ‘The Hook’; a super strong pattern ideal for barbel angling, and Pallatrax hook links…..a fine result lads!

Matt Bilups 15 lb 1 oz Trent barbel

33lb’er for Geordie Ray Pulford

Also catching well on one of our biggest selling baits is Paul Lingham, who visited our affiliated fishery Emperor Lakes in Devon. Paul offered Pallatrax Jungle to take a smashing fish of 31 lb 14 oz from the syndicate water.

But better still, our resident carp guru ‘Geordie’ Ray Pulford of Team Pallatrax bagged an even bigger lump at 33 lb! Ray presented a Jungle cork ball pop up on a balanced blow back rig to tempt his big fish which came during a 36-hour session at the same fishery.

The syndicate lake at Emperor will offer full day ticket access from April 2013, so if you fancy a crack at carp in excess of 40 lb and cats to over 70 lb, then get in touch with Paul on 07814060147 or visit www.emperorlakes.co.uk for more details.

Worm Squab

Our Squabs continue to do well for a variety of other specimens too; the squab is a pillow shaped bait designed to provide excellent anti eject properties from the squared surfaces. The unique shape allows the bait to ‘plane’ when sucked up by feeding fish and forces the hook to turn into the mouth before it can be expelled. Combined with a paste wrapping, the squabs provide a superb hook bait with oodles of attraction that are working well for a number of our anglers, especially on the River Wye.

Team Pallatrax angler Jez Brown continued his run of success with a host of decent chub and a clutch of double-figure barbel by using the Elixir 6 (crayfish and creams) squabs and sticks to land plenty of fish whilst other anglers struggled!  You can read more about our Team and their adventures at www.pallatrax.co.uk

We have welcomed new blood to Team Pallatrax this month too; Darren Robinson, Mark Rogers, Chris Shute, and James Wenglorz have been brought in to provide balance to our media efforts as we try and find just a few anglers who ‘sing off the same hymn sheet’ and truly believe in Pallatrax products.

Like many companies, we are lucky enough to be blessed with numerous requests to be part of Pallatrax, but as we no longer have ‘field testers’ as such, we need anglers who WILL provide some return in exchange for the deal offered by submitting regular content to our Media Manager, who proof reads, edits and publishes it on our website for all to see.

It’s a system currently working very well with regular copy every week encompassing a wide range of angling disciplines from a variety of contributors which ensures we ALWAYS have something new to tell our readers about. It is a subject already covered by other writers in previous blogs, and our team are not ‘sponsored’, but they ARE ‘supported’; we feel it works and we know others are taking note…..

We have some new baits in development too; these really are a new recipe, but based on tried and tested basemixes which we are confident will prove successful. Initially, just a few members of our Team will be given the products with strict instructions to go out, try them and provide valid feedback before any tweaks are applied and the baits offered to retailers. It’s always exciting when new baits are on trial and we know our Team will provide the answers we need.

Other members will soon be receiving new terminal tackle and other products too as we look to rapidly expand our current catalogue, so watch this space; lots of new products coming soon!

Pallatrax man Jez Brown with a Wye barbel

Pallatrax are exceptionally pleased to have broken through the 2,000 ‘likes’ barrier on Facebook. Our customer interaction is, quite rightly, at the forefront of what we do and we try to answer EVERY query within a reasonable 48-hour period. We hope that this is part of the reason our social media continues to rank highly.

Weekly competitions offering bait and terminal tackle are just one of the ways we say ‘thank you’ to our loyal following, but the more ‘likes’ we get, the bigger the prizes we can give away!

Our heated debates are also gaining quite a reputation amongst our friends where hypothetical situations are discussed weekly to see what information and advice comes out. Each one is moderated to allow a bit of banter, but no bad language or intolerance is allowed, so it ends up as good, clean fun enjoyed by all! What are you waiting for? Check out www.facebook.com/pallatrax and see what we have on offer or what we are debating this week!

The weather is definitely cooling (snow here overnight!) and plenty of anglers will look to the rivers as many stillwaters gain ‘a lid’, and we have found a cracking little club for you to consider if you are moving onto the rivers.

The Earl of Harrington’s AC are based around  Derby and have some stunning stretches of the Derwent which contain pike, bream, chub, perch, barbel (to 15lb!) carp and loads of other species to specimen sizes, all for just £25 a year!

I took a trip over this week for a look around to try and tempt a pike or two, and despite landing only smaller pike, I was certainly impressed by their beat and organisation and will definitely return soon….you can find out more about the club by taking a peek at their website www.theearlofharringtonsac.co.uk or finding their Facebook page.





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