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Thursday is our Big Fish Blog and it’s the turn of Pallatrax, our magazine’s Specimen Cup sponsors. Team Pallatrax leader Jez Brown wrote this interesting instalment.

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THE team have been out and busy on the rivers and lakes – catching carp and barbel on many baits…

The recent rain has been good for the rivers and the team have been fishing the Kennet and Wye in particular and scoring well in terms of barbel and chub.

The method doesn’t change with the Stonze and Squab approach being most prolific – we’ve also had a real go at catching on the entire Pallatrax range of baits with Crave, Elixir, Multiworm and Scopex, all in conjunction with Crush moulded around the Stonze, catching fish.

This first fish was a 9 lb-plus barbel caught on the Wye by Rich Shaw, one of eight fish in a manic 90 minute session on Multiworm baits, single hook bait with half a dozen freebies attracting the fish out of cover.

Rich’s impressive barbel.


James Wenglorz is keeping the faith in the Crave/Jungle squab approach and continues to do well on his syndicate water, here is James with a yet another 20 lb-plus fish.

Meanwhile, as part of Pallatrax’s ongoing commitment to the fishing industry we recently announced our proud sponsorship of the stunning Emperor Lakes in Devon.

This beautifully managed fishery, run by Dave and Jo Lidstone, has been producing to Pallatrax baits with almost 90 percent of the recent fish coming to our baits.

James’ fine carp.


Rolling meat is incredibly popular for barbel and chub fishing – it’s possible to pick up fish when all other methods fail as the fish have to make a snap decision to eat or not as the bait rolls by.

A twist on this is to roll paste through as many swims as you can get to, my recent Kennet fish below was taken on Elixir paste onto a weighted hook with a piece of plasticine 10 inches above the bait.

The simplest and one of the most effective ways to put more fish on the bank.

Blogger Jez’s barbel caught on a rolling bait approach.


I’d also like to highlight a fantastic competition running on our Facebook page at the moment. All you have to do is visit the Pallatrax page, type ‘yes’ into the text box on the competition link and like the main page.

When we hit 3,500 likes we will randomly draw two names to join some of the team for a week-end on the Wye with all bait and terminal tackle provided, all you have to do is get there.

So please do visit the page, enter the competition and we look forward to seeing your photo on this blog with your catches.

Good luck out there, Jez.





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