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FOR some people starting pike fishing can be a little daunting, the biggest barriers seem to be understanding the  tackle and rigs required for piking and a fear of the quarry itself.

Obviously the best source of information regarding the pike and pike fishing is the PAC, which is why we would encourage anybody interested in fishing for our apex predator to join us. This can be done quickly and easily by following this link.

In terms of safe handling of pike and learning how to unhook them quickly and safely, both for the angler and the fish, there is no substitute for time on the bank with experienced pike anglers.

This is why, when the PAC was approached by James Roche, the Angling Trust’s Regional Development Officer for the East Midlands, to participate in some pike coaching sessions we were delighted to oblige.

These sessions will look at all aspects of getting started in pike fishing from rigs and tackle, location and feeding habits and handling and unhooking.

There will be experienced pike anglers from the PAC and Angling Trust on hand to answer any questions you may have.

The sessions are being lead by a Level 2 qualified angling coach so the quality of the help and tuition offered will be second to none.

The sessions take place on the 12th, 19th and 26th January on the River Soar at Sutton Bonnington. The cost of each session is £3 which is excellent value for money. However, included in this price is free membership of the Loughborough Soar Angling Society, making the £3 charge unbelievable value for money.

There will also be freebies from Pikefishing UK given to anybody joining the PAC or Angling Trust at these events.

These sessions are open to both juniors and adults alike so there is no season not to attend. We anticipate places going fast, so, to secure a place, please contact James on 07791 786251.

If you work in a tackle shop, or possibly a school, youth group etc and would like to support these events, please print off this poster and display it where you can.



These events will offer a fantastic opportunity to learn about the the pike and how to fish for it safely. Book your place now!

Until the new year when us at the PAC will be blogging on this site, have a great Christmas.

And if you like pike, don’t forget to read this winter’s pike instruction blogs on this site.

And if you strike it lucky, report your catches to the No.1 Angler’s Mail magazine via their main email address: anglersmail@ipcmedia.com



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