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WITH the end of the river season only a week away the guys have been out hitting the rivers hard whilst the carp team continue to do well…

We’ve all witnessed the wettest spell of weather in living memory, rivers haven’t just been flooded but the land around most of the UK’s waterways has been many feet deep and unapproachable.

The Kennet has been out of bounds, the Hampshire Avon in the fields and the mighty Thames reportedly the best part of a mile wide in places.

No fish is worth risking wading through that so most of the guys have been fishing either still waters or the fast dropping chalk streams of Southern England.

Roach, if you can find them, will often feed in the slacks created by floods and Jez, Ray and Luke have all been out catching fish up to 2 lb 6 oz on bread flake and feeder tactic using size 12 and 14 Pallatrax Hooks which wade gape design make them perfect for fishing this method.


Jez has been targeting roach.

Jez has been targeting roach.


Mark Owen has been back amongst the monsters of Pallatrax supported Emperor Lakes with this stunning 34lb-plus carp caught on the super reliable Crave bait – size 6 The Hook and Stonze tactics proved the downfall of this stunning fish.


Mark Owen with his 34-pounder.

Mark Owen with his 34-pounder.


Ray Pulford has been targeting the perch all winter and his efforts paid off big time with this 3 lb 10 oz stripy – Ray has been using the Bloodworm Crush to attract the bait fish in and then maggot fishing over the top of this blend. Great fish and great pic Ray…

Like many specialist anglers, Ray's been after the perch.

Like many specialist anglers, Ray’s been after the perch.


This month’s featured products are the Pallatrax tubing, weight clip and Stonze – this is the preferred set up for most of the team and is used across carp, tench and barbel fishing so is well suited to still or running water.

The method is so simple and yet so successful – mould your chosen method round the Stonze, fish short hook links and this simple set up looks so natural and will help you catch more fish.


The Stonze and clip.

The Stonze and clip.

Have a great last week of the season and keep us up to date with your catches at the Pallatrax Facebook page.

Good luck out there, Jez.






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