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Next up on our Big Fish Blog is Korum, keeping you up to speed on what their whole team has been up to. The highs, the lows, and all the fun stuff in-between. This lively blog comes from media man, Adam Firth.

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Step forward one of our blogging crews – the specimen anglers from top tackle brand Korum.




WELL it seems like there is in fact light at the end of the tunnel! The trees have greened-up, there’s an abundance of small ducklings swimming around my target venues and the fish are even thinking about spawning.

If you’ve ventured out recently but noticed that your gear’s looking a bit dusty or even you’re a bit rusty, here’s some top tips to help you bag some whackers this year!



Ditch old line and refresh

Strip the old line of your reels and get some fresh new line on your reels. The old line will deteriorate over time, and having been sat in your bags for a winter it won’t be at its best.

Korum Xpert Reel line is my first choice, brand new on the market; the Korum team have spent many months testing this dull green line in a huge variety of demanding situations and it’s not failed to impress.

The super abrasion resistant line transforms into a soft supple line when wet, and it sinks extremely well, essential for wary fish. The 1000m spools are fantastic value for money; I’ve just re-spooled my three reels and I’ve still got some line left – not bad for £7.99!

You’ll kick yourself if the line parts while you’re in battle with a new PB.



Be prepared with these Korum sunglasses

Just because you’ve flopped out your two rigs and catapulted a few baits around them doesn’t mean you can sit back and doze off. Oh no – all the best angler’s I’ve fished with are constantly working toward their next bite, especially by watching the water.

Korum Brand Manager, Mat Woods, is especially hawk-eyed. He can spot the smallest head of a carp, or fin of a tench roll across the surface that most would be completely oblivious too. If the fish are showing, bubbling, rolling or clouding up the water but not in your swim, it might be worth moving.

Knowing you’re in the right spot gives you a real buzz as you wait for the alarms to sound or tip to pull round. Grab yourself a set of Korum Polarised Sunglasses, even in cloudy conditions they’ll take the strain off your eyes and open up a whole new world below the water’s surface. I carry two sets, one in the car, and the other in my tackle bag; a handy tip because if you lose a pair, you’ll always have a back-up.



With the start of the river season fast approaching why not gear up for some running water action. A huge amount of the UK’s river hold a good head of barbel and chub, from small streams to raging tidal stretches there will be something near you.
Team Korum are raring to go, getting their barbel rods ready and stocking up on Sonubaits Pellet-O’s ready for June 16th. It’s not long now so get brushing up on your river skills in time for the season opening.

Big river tips inside the new Korum mag

There’s a fantastic article about river fishing by Norfolk barbel botherer, Ade Kiddell in the latest issue of Korum’s Free Fishing Made Easy Magazine. Available from your local Korum Stockist and 100% free so make sure you grab one. Ade also explains more about his top barbel tips on the Free Korum DVD, also available in Korum stockists – that’s a huge amount of knowledge passed onto you and all it takes is a trip to the tackle shop.



Team Korum have been out doing what they do best, bagging big specimens of all species. Phil Spinks has managed to slip the net under multiple 30lb-plus carp, a truck-load of tench and even some crucian carp on the float.

Phil Spinks with chunky crucian


Shaun Hodges has also been on the trail of big crucian carp, managing to bag specimens of up to 3lb 14oz in the past couple of weeks, unfortunately word got out and it’s now a struggle to get a swim.

Brand manager, Mat Woods, edges closer to his 40lb target

Mat Woods had a successful session on his target water this year, if any of you have been following Mat’s blogs on the Korum website, you’ll know that he’s chasing a stunning 40lb common carp that only visits the bank a handful of times each year.

His latest session saw him slip the net under three fish, a 27lb 15oz mirror, 29lb 8oz two-tone common and a 26lb common. The big’un has evaded capture for now but I’m sure you’ll soon see it in a future Korum big fish blog.

Chris ‘The Pons’ Ponsford could be spotted quietly creeping around a private Worcestershire venue this month. He’s been stalking carp with very slow sinking bread, with a huge degree of success. An immaculate 29lb common carp was his best this month but he reckons he will bag a bigger one soon.

My fishing time has been very limited the past month, only managing a couple of evenings and one overnight session between work – we can’t always have it good though can we?

We’ll be bringing you more useful tips throughout the year, all proven to increase catch rates and catch big fish.


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