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Next up on our Big Fish Blog is Korum, keeping you up to speed on what their whole team has been up to. The highs, the lows, and all the fun stuff in-between. This lively blog comes from brand manager, Mat Woods.

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Step forward one of our blogging crews – the specimen anglers from top tackle brand Korum.



Gary Knowles has been chubbing.

ANYONE been fishing? If you have, fair play to you! I doff my hat, because the weather has been absolutely terrible!

I cursed us all to snow and ice in the last blog and sure enough, the blizzards came and ground the world to a standstill. Some anglers still got out there though, including the ever-consistent Korum crew.

Our own Adam Firth continues to impress me with his enthusiasm for fishing. As media co-ordinator for Korum, Preston Innovations and Sonubaits – all of which require new catalogues around this sort of time – he’s a very busy man! Despite this, he’s been fishing more in the last week than I have in the last three months. And he’s caught a few, too.

Another angler slipping the net under some impressive fish is friend of Korum, Rob Thompson. His 4lb+ River Trent perch was a very impressive specimen, and I’ve just heard that he’s bagged a 26 and 27lb pike today too – personal bests for two species at the coldest time of the year is not to be sniffed at!

Whilst the snow was at its fiercest, the permanently-productive Gary Knowles (pictured above) was seeing that his local chub population could not feed in peace, bagging some belters in the process.

Ed Matthews is out in all weathers, and he had this fine zed.

Ed Matthews has also been out in all weathers, bagging some nice perch, zander and pike. And Shaun Hodges has been ensuring that no 2lb river roach is safe from his grasp, bagging a brace on his last trip out – his first session after becoming a father once again. These guys are good!

Shaun Hodges with one of two river ‘twos’.

The rest of the gang have been taking stock of their fishing and preparing for spring. Angler’s Mail regular Ade Kiddell, in fact, has just put together a lovely video with some special moments from 2012. A nice sign off to one season and a good way to ensure you fully embrace the next one. Check it out:





Ade is also the front cover star of The Barbel Society’s next book, which can be pre-ordered now: http://www.thebarbelsociety.com/BarbelTales.htm

The book includes chapters from some fantastic anglers and will be available from early June.


Me, well I’ve not been fishing at all. I’ve been fully enveloped in product development and a number of exciting marketing plans for 2013. Much of this won’t come to fruition until the sun (finally) comes out, because when the angling market is quiet, it’s akin to that old analogy of if there’s nobody around when a tree falls, does it still make a noise? There’s no point singing to an empty stadium.

Here at Korum we’re excited about our spring launch, which we can tell you more about next month. There’s plenty there, whatever style of fishing you prefer, and all of it sticks to our principles of making fishing easier.

By next month we should also have the majority of the next Korum Fishing Made Easy mag finished and be part-way to completing the filming for our next DVD – either way, you can find out all about it exclusively here in our Angler’s Mail blog. Catch you next time. Hopefully I’ll have caught a fish by then.




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