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Step forward one of our blogging crews – the specimen anglers from top tackle brand Korum.



WELL talk about a month of mixed fortunes! Whilst some members of the Korum team have been out catching plenty, a few of the guys haven’t been able to get out at all!

Let me first pass on my get-well wishes to Nigel Botherway who in the Olympic excitement unfortunately came off his bike and badly injured his hip and thigh. Knowing Nigel he’ll be fully recovered long before the doctors expect – that’s just part of what being Nigel Botherway is all about. No matter how many times he’s been patched up and put back together, he’ll still be fitter and stronger than most.

Specimen ace Dai Gribble is also laid up with a bad leg, his sciatic nerve giving him some trouble. He’s been putting the time off to good use though and has just written a superb chapter for book that’s coming soon from The Tenchfishers. If Dai’s piece is a measure of what the book will be like, it’s well worth buying when it comes out. His atmospheric capture almost had me reaching for the molasses for a go at the tench myself!


Specimen ace Dai Gribble has been crocked – but has written some top stuff on tench.


Soon to be released, Korum’s double DVD pack ‘Fishing Made Easy’

I’ve been keeping both Nigel and Dai entertained, where possible, to keep them from going insane!

One such way was to send them the final edit of the upcoming Korum Fishing Made Easy DVD, in which both star. We expect to have the DVD out later this month and it’s a fantastic watch for any keen coarse angler.

Dai and Nigel tackle a flooded River  Wye on part 1 of the DVD, whilst in part 2 the inimitable Chris Ponsford and Duncan Charman tackle a quiet stillwater in the Teme Valley in pursuit of whatever comes along! There’s loads of fish action on the DVD, tackle and bait tips, and great entertainment from four endearing anglers.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, website or the pages of Angler’s Mail for details on the release!


Talking of new releases, our latest wares are going down a storm. The new Xpert hooks and hooklinks appear to have a big following already – the product of hard work and lots of intensive listening!

On our website there are articles about how and why they were developed, but the main reason was we listened to what specimen anglers said they wanted and then did our best to deliver! You can see the articles here: www.korum.co.uk/articles.

Korum’s new Xpert hooks and hooklinks already proving a hit!

So what about the rest of us? Well I can honestly say the only bit of fishing I’ve done was for an Angler’s Mail Action Replay, catching cartloads of carp on the new Dura-Method feeders using a neat little meat fishing trick you’ll see in the magazine anytime soon.

Adam Firth with a stunning looking carp


My sidekick Adam Firth, meanwhile, is on a roll! It’s been carp and barbel galore for Adam, the capture of a really nice linear from a low stock water near the office the pick of the bunch. A seriously gorgeous carp caught on a short session from a lake you wouldn’t ever think held such gems. It just goes to show that you should never write off a fishing session because you think you haven’t got the time or the right venue on your doorstep. Everyone will have an urban lake with some obliging fish it – you just have to look!


Adam’s first ever Severn barbel came on a quick visit to see Suffolk specimen hunter Phil Spinks, who was visiting the Midlands on a family holiday. Fishing the Arley stretch of the Severn, they had a bagful of barbel, and Phil even managed a rare double from the stretch. Absolutely awesome angling, and all on tins of Spam boosted with Sonubaits.com Flavour Shaker powders. What could be simpler?


Fellow East Anglian Ade Kiddell has also been amongst the big barbel, putting some new prototype rods of ours to the test with 6oz feeders in a huge flow with long casts and hard-fighting barbel. They passed the test and Ade caught impressively, as always.

Getting a swing, Ade Kiddell-style.


As for ‘The Pons’, Chris Ponsford, well he never fails to produce the goods and has been bagging barbel on the Wye, big carp from his ‘secret’ pool somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere on loaves of bread and bream on another secret venue.

Chris varies his fishing based on the prevailing weather conditions and his years of angling experience are incredible in helping him time these sessions to perfection. I expect a monster river fish from Chris sometime this autumn. I can’t wait for the excited phone call all about it!

Another angler that’s been doing a bit of fishing on the Wye is Duncan Charman. He’s got some guiding trips planned in that area and his reconnaissance visits have gone well with chub and barbel. Duncan’s a very mobile angler and I bet he’s in his element exploring new stretches of a river he’s unfamiliar with. With his new Korum Roving Kit in tow, I bet he’s covered some miles!

Korum’s Roving kit, your one-stop must have.


Northern all-rounder Gary Knowles has started on the trail of big tench on his monster Midlands venue, and has also enjoyed some prolific river trips. Gary’s style of fishing is so efficient he never fails to produce the goods – he’s one serious angler!


Well that’s it from all of us at Korum on this week’s Big Fish Blog here on the lively Angler’s Mail website. Keep enjoying your fishing and we’ll see you on the bank sometime.




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