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The words below come to us from their man Nick Marlow (pictured right), the well-travelled former editor of Tackle Trade World.

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Marukyu’s Nick Marlow is in our team of bloggers. With his vast experience of the tackle trade, and products designed to catch quality fish, he is sure to be a good read.


LIKE many of you out there, I am waiting for the weather to turn a bit warmer before I start my proper campaigning this year. I know we all moan about the weather, it’s part of being British, but this year it does seem to be taking the proverbial doesn’t it?

Got my boilies sorted! Marukyu Credence Krill Feast!

Like a great many anglers these days, I have been brought up on heavily stocked commercial type waters. Some of them have some nice big fish in, but they are managed waters. It’s relatively easy to catch – in fact in many cases if you do it half right it’s relatively easy. But this year is different for me… as it’s a ‘proper’ water – and at 24 acres and rumoured to only have 100 fish in it – will be challenging I think.

The water is a big old gravel pit and for once I am very excited about it. I will be armed with the new Marukyu Credence range of baits, that includes shelf lifes, pop ups and freezer baits as well as a multitude of additives – so bait-wise, I am totally confident and all keen and ready to start!

And this has got me thinking… just where on earth do I start?

Just in time! Sample bottles of the new Credence Marine Liquids – this stuff is unbelievably good!

I have walked the water several times and spoken to a few of the regulars, who to be honest are either down right nuts or so secret service it is beyond belief. In fact one angler claims to have blanked on the water for 100 nights now. One hundred nights without a bite? Really? The rest just claimed it was rock hard. “You’ll be lucky if you get a bite all year, mate.”

Thankfully, after a very useful chat with Scott Johnson at Soar Tackle in Kegworth (makes a good cuppa too – he loves putting the kettle on! It’s the shop’s birthday on Saturday too – worthy of a visit if you’re in the area…), he put me in touch with a few more sensible people that fish there, who have been forthcoming with information.

I know that anglers do not want to give all of their hard earned information away but really this carp fishing has become a bit nuts hasn’t it? People seem to be so selfish and unhelpful it’s untrue.

Ask a match angler – not while he is fishing of course, for some help and in the main they will tell you everything that they can to help you. Ask a carper… and you, in the main, get absolutely nothing apart from a clear indication that they don’t want you on ‘their’ water!

Luckily I am thicker skinned and less put off than most – but for beginners coming into this sport – I do fear the worst.

So where do I start? Well I think like anyone on a new water… it’s going to involve a lot of hard work and a lot of looking to find the fish! It’s going to take some marker float work for mapping… I’m going to put my new binoculars to work… and it’s going to take some time! In fact I doubt I will even think about getting the rods out for a few more weeks unless I see a load of fish!

Which brings me round, indirectly, to the closed season… and should we have one?

I know that every man and his dog has an opinion on this, and I’ll lay my cards on the table right now – yes I think there should be one on every water!

My PB is French, taken field testing the new Credence range – I reckon I can better it this year with a nice English fish – that’s the dream

Whether it is now, or later, is immaterial. What I do honestly believe is that any water that has year round fishing – just does not fish as well as a water that has a break. The fish need a rest.

Banks need to regenerate. And a few months of silence generally means the fish move about a bit more.

I know there are those that are vehemently against it… but I don’t care – I think we need one!

Folded-in reel handles on carp rods – WHY?

Oh… and while I’m annoying people… what on earth is this folded reel handle thing all about? Apparently it ‘looks good’.

Does it really? And I thought fishing was about going and trying to catch some fish and getting away from the phones for a few hours… Shows how little I know, huh?

Maybe I need to stop focusing on catching fish and start concentrating on looking the part!



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