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THE nights are drawing in. The leaves are changing. The temperatures are dropping. Can only mean one thing can’t it? Yessss… it’s predator time!

Autumn is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite time to fish. It just seems to throw up bigger specimens, no matter what your species of choice is. Big carp and massive barbel always seem to dominate Angler’s Mail in September and October.

But it’s predators that really interest me at this time of year. Be it dead baiting, lure fishing or livebaiting for them (though the latter is not my cup of tea) they are there for the taking.

This year will see a lot of anglers take up lure fishing for the first time. This facet of the sport has been gaining popularity for some time now – and with so many magazines making a push for lure fishing this year – I really can see a few new people take up the sport!

Up until a couple of years ago I’d never lure fished in my life – so while absolutely no expert in this field I do have some of the problems I encountered fresh in my mind… the first of which you’ll encounter is… what rod do I use?
Well… that depends on what you are fishing for!

Soft plastics are a good way to start

Soft plastics are a good way to start when using lures


Personally, I opted for a relatively light rod as I was fishing for pike, perch and zander. Something that casts 5-25g is perfect for this.

I’m sure that there will be people that will tell you that you need something much heavier for pike. And while this is true – there are much heavier rods – if you go down that route you’ll find yourself eliminating the other species and be forced to fish bigger lures.

Pike love Ecogear Ikajako!

Pike love Ecogear Ikajako!

A lighter rod means that you’ll get a fight out of a perch, but you still have enough power for a big pike. But whatever you choose, there are tons on the market that cover every price point. Balance the rod out with a nice reel and more importantly, some braid – and you’re almost ready to go!

I say almost… as if you’re going to encounter pike… you’ll need some form of wire trace too.

Lures can be very expensive, and also very cheap. For most (though not all) of my fishing I use soft plastic baits. They are super cheap so it doesn’t hurt when you get one stuck in a tree (it will happen) or lost it on the snag you didn’t know was there.

If I am fishing open, snag-free water, I’ll often break out the hard baits and the spinner baits… but only when I’m sure I won’t lose one.

The rest though – you need to work out for yourself. Get out on the bank and cover some water!

And don’t forget… it’s not just perch, pike and zander you can catch at this time of the year – if you live near any wrasse marks… wrasse can be quite obliging at this time of year too!


Wrasse are partial to the lure of lures

Wrasse are partial to the lure of lures



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Best of British – we salute you, inside this week’s special Angler’s Mail magazine. This big value issue is on sale from Tuesday, September 17. Get your copy!


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