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Thursday is our Big Fish Blog and it’s the turn of Marukyu, the Japan-based bait innovators with products specially designed to catch UK fish.

The words below come to us from their man Nick Marlow (pictured right), the well-travelled former editor of Tackle Trade World.

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Marukyu’s Nick Marlow is in our team of bloggers. With his vast experience of the tackle trade, and products designed to catch quality fish, he is sure to be a good read.


I’VE just come back from another very successful Tackle & Guns trade show – the event where the manufacturers show off all their new 2013 offerings to the dealers – and I can definitely tell you there are some very nice offerings coming your way next year!

What’s being revealed in Angler’s Mail is very exciting – and there’s more to come!

Of course, Marukyu took up 99% of my time during the show (where we launched 30 new products – but you’ll really have to wait till next year to find out more about those!) – but with the remaining 1% of my time I managed to take a quick look at what’s going on… and really can tell you that you will be spoilt for choice!

Seriously, my tackle wish list is now so long it’s untrue… never before have I seen so much tackle I actually want in one place. I don’t know about you – but I have been fairly unimpressed with the lack of innovation over the past few years. There has been very little to make me think ‘I must have one of those… NOW!’

In fact I have been more than happy to make do with my existing luggage, rods and reels for a few years now – but seemingly everyone has now pushed the boat out on design and innovation… and it’s making my head hurt just thinking about how I am going to explain to the other half how she can’t go on holiday this year because I’ve overspent on fishing tackle!

I am sure more will be revealed in next weeks Angler’s Mail – but to wet your appetite, expect some massive revelations in the shelter market, luggage, rods… and when it comes to reels – wow! Just keep your eyes peeled for both Daiwa and Shimano’s new flagship models!

Credence… it’s coming!! Sshhh!

Autumn is well and truly here now – which means the fish are in that true feeding frenzy and it’s time to catch a proper lump!

The fish know full well that the weather is changing at a rapid rate of knots and that it won’t be long until we are scraping ice from the cars – and I, for one, have always found Autumn to be one of the most productive times of year to catch. And usually it coincide with all of the fair-weathered anglers packing their gear up for the year – so there is much less angling pressure on the waters.

For most of this week I have been thinking about nothing else but where to go – and for the life of me – I cannot come to a decision at all.

It’s not so many years ago that the rivers (near me at least) were well out of sorts… and at this time of year there was very little choice for the angler. Now there are specimen fish everywhere and they can be caught in so many different ways. I honestly don’t think we have ever had it so good…

As I sit here pondering… the Trent is up (slightly) and very coloured… which means it’s good for barbel, carp, chub… and of course always the option of some good pike or zeds on the deads… Then there is my local syndicate lake – that’s fishing its head off at the mo… as are all the commercials… and I’ve just heard of some huge perch being caught in the Trent & Mersey too…

No… I’ve made my decision! The predators can wait till it’s colder – I’m going barbel fishing! Especially now I have Marukyu Credence freezer baits to fish with… ooops! Did I say that out loud? Keep ‘em peeled 😉




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