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Step forward one of our blogging crews – the specimen anglers from top tackle brand Korum.



WHAT a month! It’s arguably the busiest time of the year for us at Korum HQ as the latest array of new products start making their way into production. As you’ll have seen in the Angler’s Mail recently, we’ve just held our annual Press Day, where we showcase our new ranges and releases for the 2013 season.

I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved as a team this year and our latest product range is something very special. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved here in our offices and the ongoing efforts of our awesome consultancy team – whose input is invaluable. As a group I think we’ve delivered a nice mix of new and improved products.

I always find at Press Day that a spot of eavesdropping gives you the best impression of what the various editors and journalists really think about your new gear. Most are open and honest about the things they like and the things they don’t, but listening to them talking amongst themselves about tackle they’ve seen is certainly a good indicator about the general impression they’ve got. Luckily, I heard good things!

I was pleased to see the Mail’s Richard Howard on Press Day, whose professionalism and enthusiasm was ever-impressive. The knowing smiles and nods as he feverishly penned his notes calmed my nerves about what people would think of Korum’s newest tackle – I’m sure Richard will be using some of it for his own fishing.


Euro stars come to the UK

On the Friday after Press Day, I had visitors in the shape of Norfolk river maestro Ade Kiddell and our Dutch Korum consultant, Rinko Oosterveen. Ade and Rinko have traded the Dutch and German records for barbel on a few occasions and are regular fishing buddies. Ade had just returned from overseas, in fact, where he’d been catching some big European barbel. As for Rinko, well he’s always catching big barbel!

Rinko is a real giant of a man and really good company. Over numerous cups of tea and coffee we discussed tackle ideas, as well as getting his impression on some of the new tackle items. He was particularly excited about the new Snapper lure range for his big pike and perch fishing in Holland, but was also loving the new luggage. We revamped the ITM range after years of success with these products. It means now that the luggage is even more user-friendly and feature-packed, with new additions for carrying unhooking mats, clipping on spoon nets, carrying bank sticks and even somewhere to wedge your raincoat! We’ve tried to leave no stone unturned.

Once our meeting was finished and we’d given Rinko a tour of the Korum building and Sonubaits factory, Ade and Rinko headed off with our own Adam Firth for a spot of barbel fishing. Adam’s our media man and can often be seen prowling with a DSLR camera hanging from his neck – he got some fantastic shots of the guys fishing on the Severn, including Rinko’s first UK double! A fish of almost 11lb, caught on the usual setup of a Korum Running Rig Kit, Combi Feeder, Xpert Power Mono and Xpert Power Hook. With his feeder rammed full of Sonubaits goodies, it was certain for success!

Rinko Oosterveen with another stunning barbel on the River Severn.


What the Korum gang have been up to

I’ve still not managed to get out fishing myself, but the rest of the lads have been doing plenty. Adam’s caught a few fish whilst out on features, including some handsome barbel and carp. The carp were bagged whilst out with Gary Knowles at Boddington Reservoir, where Gary struggled to keep a rod in the water at times. Using the new Korum Dura-Method feeders loaded with scaled pellets, he caught carp after carp on this prolific venue. Being able to load up the feeders so quickly meant he was always fishing, something you cannot always achieve when PVA bag fishing. I love ‘smash-em-up’ sessions like that and I’m sure Gary caught a lot more than the anglers around him – he’s one hell of an angler.

Meanwhile Dai Gribble is on the mend and hasn’t wasted any time getting back amongst the fish. As rain melted the landscape and got our rivers bulging, Dai was out there with his barbel gear and nailed a 10lb+ fish on a short evening trip. The winning tactics included PVA bags fished on Xpert Power Hooks, Xpert Braid hooklinks with big Halibut pellets. As per the norm for barbel anglers these days, his K-Grip lead was presented on a Running Rig Kit!

Dai Gribble back on the mend, and back on the banks to net this 10lb barbel.

Nigel Botherway is another angler on a much longer road to recovery from his cycling accident. He’s still on crutches, but has managed to get out fishing on a few occasions. In fact, on his last fishing trip with Hinders’ manager Shaun Hodges, he was tench fishing with an 11ft CS Series feeder rod and when the rod hooped round, was then caught in an immense battle with a serious fish. Nigel’s previous best carp on this rod weighed 19lb+, but this time it was much bigger! At 32lb and ounces, it was an incredible capture. Testament to what I would argue are the best selling rods in the UK at the moment! If you haven’t seen the CS Series yourself, check them out.


Back after big fish

Duncan Charman lands this nice barbel tipping the scales at over 10lb.

After a long period of guided trips, it seems Duncan Charman is back after some specimen fish again, with a 10lb 13oz barbel from the River Kennet, which tested his CS4000 reel and 1.5lb Neoteric Quiver rod to the limit! By all accounts the clutch of the reel woke Duncan up at the time of the bite – my type of angling!

Phil Spinks is another of our guys catching big fish, with a recent haul of numerous 2lb+ perch from his local river. Fishing from his newly acquired boat, he caught some beautiful stripys. We’ve both got perch on the brain at the moment and I think a few trips on the Severn will be planned this autumn and winter.

Phil actually attended our Press Day, mentioned earlier, and the evening before we went for something to eat and a few drinks down by the River Severn. I’d seen a picture earlier in the week of an angler with a 4lb perch from ‘somewhere’ on the Middle Severn. Upon our wander along the banks, we clocked an angler fishing, who boldly told us how he’d just put a 2lb 12oz fish back. It was the same angler I’d seen holding the 4! With carping well and truly at the back of my mind, I can see the Perch providing some sport over the coming months!


Still dreaming

Unfortunately for me – or fortunately for the angler who caught it – my target fish came out this September, as it always does. I’ve kept records of this big common and it seems to come out every Easter and in late September every year. With the captures coming within a matter of days of each other, I’d planned a trip myself. I was too late, though, as the fish came out on the 23rd September. Last year it was the 25th!

I may get out carping with my good pal and Korum star Chris Ponsford soon, though. His private lake in the Midlands is a lovely venue and somewhere I’ve caught beautiful carp before. Chris is consistently putting big 20s and the odd 30 on the bank just stalking them out the edge; he really is a master of that style of fishing, which would surprise anybody who’s ever met Chris. ‘The Pons’ is a larger than life character who is extremely entertaining, but it’s hard to imagine him in ‘stealth’ mode.

Korum Fishing Made Easy DVD free to watch online now.

If you want to see Chris and the rest of the team in action, I urge you to visit your local tackle shop and check out the new Korum Fishing Made Easy DVD. It’s 90 minutes of non-stop action, angling advice and loads of tips and tricks that will help you catch more fish. It’s also available to view online, just visit http://www.korum.co.uk/DVD_Archive.php

The DVD is totally free and really good entertainment. Informative, helpful and exciting to watch, with the lads constantly locked into battle with hard fighting fish. Speaking of which, I think I might go perching tonight!








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