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Lure selection


HAVING the right lure is important if you want to catch plenty of fish.

Whilst the range of lures available these days runs into the millions, I’m going to focus on three baits that I think can make your lure fishing really simple, and also very successful. I am, of course, talking about the Korum Snapper DRONE lures, of which there are three varieties and three sizes.

Gary snapper__083

There’s a roach, perch and a goldfish in each pack, available in 8cm, 10cm and 12cm. That equates to around 15g, 30g and 45g on the weight front, and it goes without saying that using balanced tackle and selecting the right lure for the cast you want to make is important. Whatever species you want, these lures will do the job.

Why those three fish? Because they cover the bases. The roach is a great imitation of a roach or rudd, which are prevalent in most venues with big predators. In clear water, it’s ideal, because the lure is not too brightly coloured and matches the natural thing.

The perch, meanwhile, is also good in clear water but is better than the roach in slightly coloured venues. Again, it’s a great match for the real thing and the bright green is a great colour for getting a reaction from more docile fish.

And then there’s the goldfish! It goes without saying that this bait has been used on the quiet for years and in muddier venues, or when the fish are being really fussy, these can get a totally different reaction. In low light, these are a must.

Onto the finer details.

Every DRONE has a bright red eye. Just like a distressed bait fish! What’s more, the meaty tails give loads of action down your line.


You’ll notice also that the roach and perch have a bright red tail to get a predatory reaction, whilst the goldfish has some white flecks to show up in darker or murkier water conditions. Each fish also has a defined scale pattern on the body, which adds to the realistic look – they really do look the business.

The hooks on these lures are incredibly strong, in fact probably oversized for what you need, but better to be safe than sorry! You’ll certainly not open out any of the hooks; they’re strong as an ox!

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