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Step forward one of our blogging crews – the specimen anglers from top tackle brand Korum.



THERE’S only really one way to describe anglers who go winter fishing. It’s not an especially romantic view, but it can be summed up in the words many of you have probably heard as you’ve buttoned up your waterproofs, pulled the ears down on your wooly hat and loaded the recently defrosted car with your fishing gear. “You must be mad.”


When Gary Knowles goes fishing for chub he empties the rivers!

Of course, so far this winter the arctic conditions have not yet arrived and, of course, by typing that out I have just condemned us all to the coldest January and February ever recorded.

No. Instead of the usual frostbite, we’ve just had non-stop water. It’s made most rivers barely detectable – forget fishable – and many lakes have also suffered, bulging at the brim with a year’s worth of rainfall.

I think it would be fair to say, only the mad have been fishing, and it appears that many members of the Korum consultancy team are exactly that! In some instances, their efforts are nothing short of heroic.

You can be certain of very few things in life, but one thing you can put your house on is that if Gary Knowles goes fishing for chub, Gary Knowles empties the river of chub.

It took him three hours recently to catch a bagful, despite the river running faster than the Jamaican relay team.

Gary’s reason for going fishing? He simply had to.

He was going mad sitting at home eating leftover turkey and no matter how much hot sauce he poured on it, those endorphins simply did not flow like they do when the big chops of a chevin inhale his cheesepaste.

Another angler who’s been amongst the fish is Phil Spinks. Phil is most certainly afflicted with the angling bug, and has bagged big perch, pike and probably lots of other things as well over the Christmas period!

Again, one thing you can be sure of in life is that Phil Spinks is catching fish somewhere.


Phil Spinks is one of the ‘mad’ ones but is rewarded with a top pike

Our newest Korum recruit, Ed Matthews, has also been pike fishing and putting together an impressive catch.

Speaking to him recently about his latest pike haul, it appears that sitting there behind deadbaits will catch you a few pike, but not as many pike as Ed Matthews catches!

His list of tactics, trial and error led him to seven bites, all caught in different ways. It’s that kind of energy, enthusiasm and ability that makes Ed one of the most exciting young specimen anglers in the country.

Usually I’d be one of these mad anglers fishing through all conditions, but this winter I’ve taken it easy. I have missed out on many a Christmas through spending all my yuletide holiday time on the bank fishing, and I vowed this year that I would spend that time, instead, with my family and friends.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed some brilliant winter carp captures. December has always been one of my favourite months, especially when we get the mild and windy weather like that we’ve experienced recently.

One thing I don’t like fishing in, however, is a flooded lake. All that added water, changes in the pH levels of the lake and all the other good and bad stuff that happens in the chain reaction following non-stop rain just isn’t conducive to catching fish. Not in my experience, anyway.

The coming weeks, for me, will be spent ‘spring cleaning’ my kit in readiness for the next fishing trip. I’ve already made a shopping list of things I need, as I expect many of you have.

With your fishing DVDs exhausted, every page of every fishing book or magazine you own flicked within an inch of its life, you’ve no doubt taken to the World Wide Web for your angling fix, waiting for the clouds to part and the sun to appear.

Well if you can’t get out fishing this month, be sure to get down to your local tackle shop and reacquaint yourself with the aisles and not to mention the staff. They’ll be pleased to see you after all the monsoon conditions and if you only take away a few free brochures and DVDs, your visit will be a productive one.

Speaking of which, our 228-page 2013 Product Guide should be in all Korum retail outlets right now. It’s free, pocket-sized and gives you a full run-down on all of Korum’s latest tackle, not forgetting the new wares from Preston Innovations, Sonubaits.com and Avid Carp. Well worth picking up, if only to treat it as your very only ‘angling fix’ catalogue.

Make sure to grab your pocket-sized copy available in all Korum 0utlets


This time last year I’d have given my right arm to have such literature at my disposal. Then again, I was cooped up in a frozen bivvy, watching ice form in the margins whilst I tried for the life of me to get my feet warm inside my sleeping bag.

With the batteries dying on my radio and just as I had given up all hope, the right hand bobbin pulled up tight to the rod and I had sprung into action like a wild animal.

And it makes me remember a profound quote. “You’re only given a little madness. So whatever you do… don’t lose it.”



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