Thursday is our Big Fish Blog and it’s the turn of Marukyu, the Japan-based bait innovators with products specially designed to catch UK fish.

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The words below come to us from their man Nick Marlow (pictured right), the well-travelled former editor of Tackle Trade World.

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Marukyu’s Nick Marlow is in our team of bloggers. With his vast experience of the tackle trade, and products designed to catch quality fish, he is sure to be a good read.



HELLO from Austria! The river season may well be almost upon us but unfortunately I’m in Vienna working!

Actually I am at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX) – the place where the latest products are unveiled to the world. At this show, companies like Marukyu, Shimano and Pure Fishing show off their 2014 line up of products for the first time.

Many of these new products will be shrouded in secrecy, but I do happen to know that Angler’s Mail editor Tim Knight will be snooping around the show  – so I expect some things will get reported very soon!

In actual fact EFTTEX is used as a vehicle to show new products to distributors. They in turn will show the products to dealers in October… the dealers will in turn show them to the public early in 2014. So it really is quite a privileged place to be.

In fact all of the Marukyu products that you are hearing about now in the press – were first mooted at this very show last year (EFTTEX 2012 – Paris). That’s how long these things take to organize!

So while you are eagerly awaiting JPelletz, Luxus or our eagerly awaited chemical-free Credence Boilies… we’re working on next year! Don’t worry… the advent of all of those products is now just days away – click here.


Itching for the new season start on the Trent

I tell you what… I’d do anything to be back home to fish the mighty Trent on the 16th!

I don’t know if it’s a thing that comes with age, but I really have grown to love rivers over the last couple of years.

I grew up fishing lakes and ponds and was more than happy with my lot until more recently, where first the lure of the barbel got to me… and then the abundance of predators in our Midland watercourses.

Since then I have been totally addicted. Luckily I live only 25 minutes away from the Trent – so I can get my fix in short bursts – but I’ve not actually fished a river since the middle of February so I am starting to get the jitters.

And this got me thinking… why do so few people fish the rivers these days? Is it because there are plenty of big fish to be caught in the lakes now? Is running water just too challenging and changing an environment to fish? Or is it just something else that I can’t quite put my finger on… maybe because you have to walk to your peg? Whatever, there is certainly a downward trend on angler traffic on rivers.


Anyway… it wouldn’t be a proper Nick Marlow blog without a bit of controversy, so here goes…


Pre-baiting… what the hell is that all about?

I don’t mean popping down the night before you’re going fishing and dropping a little bit in here and there… I am talking about the huge pre-baiting campaigns that I am witnessing on some lakes.

Anglers are going down and sometimes putting 20-30kg a week in to some places! To the average angler that’s well over £300 of bait… just to feed the fish!

Now I sell bait – I should be the last to moan about such things – but really… is it necessary? It’s one hell of an expensive exercise (fine for those that can afford it, or those that get free bait)… but what about those that can’t afford it that are fishing the same lake? Does it affect their fishing?

I spoke to one angler who confessed to putting in 600kg per year into one water!!

So really, I’d like to throw this open to you guys…

What are your views on pre baiting: do other anglers that pre bait affect your fishing, and would you do it if you could afford to do it, and is it a good thing or a bad thing?



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