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Thursday is our Big Fish Blog and it’s the turn of Pallatrax, our Specimen Cup sponsors. Team Pallatrax leader Clint Walker wrote this interesting instalment, covering specimen hunting, match fishing and more.

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Pallatrax, sponsors of the Mail’s Specimen Cup, blog in the Big Fish Blog section.



Jack Pomeroy with a new pb perch of 2lb 7oz caught from Tamar Lake with dad (and Pallatrax MD) Simon.

TO start with this month, it turns out that the whisper we left you with last time is indeed true and we can confirm that television celebrity Chris Tarrant did catch a smashing 14 lbs 4 oz barbel on our baits… but he was happy to return it without taking a photo!

Chris Tarrant

However, subsequent discussions with Chris have resulted in a ‘….next time’ promise….here’s hoping! We have known for a while that Chris uses Pallatrax products, so it’s nice to touch base and cement relationships, and no need to ask the audience why our baits are popular either!

Our team have been out and about in a variety of different places this month, and have bagged several different species whilst there were at it!  Pallatrax MD Simon Pomeroy has been spending time with a few friends fishing Tamar Lake in Devon and has bagged some absolutely superb perch to well over 3 lb. If you follow Gary Newman’s Angling Adevntures in the Angler’s Mail magazine, you’ll have seen some of these fine specimens.


River ace Ryan Lippitt has returned some fantastic self take images of zander taken on his local stretches AND smoothhound taken from the shore whilst away for a few days. And Jez Brown took partner Jen to the River Wye for her first barbel, caught on our Elixir6 squabs….a deadly combination when wrapped in matching paste and weighted with one of our Stonze!

Ryan Lippitt showing off his latest catches – a pristine zander.

Ryan also scored from the shore with smoothhound.

Clint with his carp caught at Cleveley Fishery.

Even I managed to get out with a visit to Cleveley Bridge Fisheries and Leisure Park near Lancaster after an invite from Fishery Manager Hazel Carter.

It’s a stunningly beautiful venue with a stock of prime carp in excess of 30lb, but incredibly tough to catch due to the prolific natural food sources available in a well established water.

Did I catch? Yes, I managed to wangle a fish from the depths after losing two fish, and then being royally smashed up when I hooked something which took me clean through forty yards of lilies then decided to offer a clean break after a minute or two in open water! I have to say I was pleased to catch after realising that no other fish had been out for five days! Told you it was a challenge!

Find out more at www.cleveleybridgefisheries.com (Check out the food on offer too, you won’t move for a week!)

Another fishery we have close ties with, Emperor Lakes in Devon, has seen our bait manager Tim Mountjoy visiting regularly to fish the syndicate water. This pool contains some stunning fish to well over 40lb, and although Tim hasn’t broken the lake record yet, he is getting closer!

Pallatrax Jungle, a creamy tigernut/peanut mix is doing very well at Emperor Lakes and is now available to buy on site…..Tim’s biggest so far is well over 35lb, and he is confident of taking a record soon….if I was using Jungle, I would be confident too!

Emperor Lakes often run competitions in conjunction with us here at Pallatrax, and if you follow their pages on Facebook or their brand new website (www.emperorlakes.co.uk) you may win free sessions and fantastic free Pallatrax bait!

New stockists and product reviews

It’s always nice to be able to report an increase in sales and retailer numbers, and we have another great high street store to highlight this month; Maidenhead Bait & Tackle (www.maidenheadbaitandtackle.co.uk) This store has taken on our product range and report that they are flying off the shelves; the feedback we have received from anglers in the area has also been positive so we are confident it will be another great relationship. Our orders are post free over £75 for retail accounts and we offer next day delivery to guarantee super service!

Product reviews form an important part of giving the right information to ensure your customers are getting what they pay for; our product to highlight this month is ‘Steamlink’ an innovative material offering a wide variety of options for your bait presentation;

The new ‘hot’ product of the month – Pallatrax’s Steamlink.

Our Steamlink is an exceptional and unique hooklink material of the utmost quality, consisting of an extremely high quality, fine Dyneema inner core (there is a huge difference between Dyneema and braid by the way) covered with an easily removable, heat sensitive coating.

This creates a low visibility, super strong and abrasion resistant hooklink that has accounted for some incredible hauls of fish.

We thoroughly recommend this hooklink for both bottom bait and pop up presentations and this is the same material we use to hand tie our readymade range of pre-tied rigs, the Stumpy Rig.

Steamlink is simple to use, just peel off the dispenser, and peel back the required amount of coating to provide a subtle, flexible hinge, combi rig or any other permutation and then hold over a steaming kettle for a few seconds to straighten the material out…..when it cools, it remains dead straight and lays flat on the lake bed!


Some amazing catches have been reported again in Angler’s Mail magazine. Be sure to get your copy!

Cup overflows with quality fish

As always, the Pallatrax sponsored Specimen Cup in the brilliant Angler’s Mail magazine continues to attract huge interest and lots of fantastic entries from anglers across the country.

The successful winners receive prize packages of Pallatrax products in addition to a handy cash bonus which means interest is high; will you be the one who wins the ultimate prize at the end of the year?

The kudos that goes with the Cup win will make sure the lucky recipient gets much more than the £3,000 bounty, the HUGE Pallatrax prize package and exclusive benefits, so make sure your catches are reported to the UK’s brightest angling weekly!

As I write, I know the judges have been deliberating on the latest winners – so keep an eye on the pages of the mag for the star catches, this week, next week… and every week.


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