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YES that’s right, our Facebook and Twitter pages have exploded with activity following the first look at a number of fantastic new products which we have revealed to the public for the very first time.

Keeping the products for this long was a rather hard task with a number of visits from the media – including the brilliant Angler’s Mail magazine – for their exclusive look at the gear. It added further confirmation to our own thoughts that these products will be ‘THE’ items to be seen with on the bank in 2013!

In fact despite all our effort to keep the products under wraps there was one retailer who couldn’t wait till the Tackle and Guns show to see the new items. They must have dug pretty hard but eventually they found some images on a European website and in a flash it was leaked on facebook and all over the forums in a matter of hours!

Although we had wanted to keep these products on the down low until the Tackle and Guns trade show, it was not so bad, the fuse had been lit and excited comments from hundreds of anglers were flying all over the place!

What products caused all the commotion? I hear you ask. It was the new editions to the unbelievable Supa Brolly.

Coming in February next year is the hugely in demand Supa Brolly Wrap, which has both solid and mozzy panel options on the door and sides. It also has multiple pegging points that match up with the brolly to allow you to set it to the height that best suits the angler.

The second leaked product was the Supa Brolly System, the main feature of which is a zip-off removable front. On this front there is a solid and mozzy door and side panels plus multiple pegging points.

It comes supplied with 4 storm poles, heavy duty groundsheet, fibreglass front pole, an additional zip on Full Mozzy Front plus supplied in a heavy-duty bag with full length zip. From the incredible initial response these really look like they are going to be a huge hit in 2013!

The Supa Brolly system

Another product which is going to drop in the next few months and one that has caused quite a stir across the social networks is the new Black Label Bite Indicators. These are a little bit special.

They come available individually in two forms; firstly with a standard ball clip and dacron cord and secondly with our new ‘Slik Clip’ head and a 3” ball chain. The ‘Slik Clip’ we have developed from our current Core-lite Bobbin’s ball clip, which could both, grip the line and fish as a standard bobbin.

The Slik Clip now has adjustable tension meaning it will comfortably grip line of any diameter without damaging it. Having the bobbin gripping the line is the perfect way to fish using slack lines at short range however, not necessarily for fishing at distance which is why we have ensured ours does both.

In addition to these two bobbins we have introduced the CIS board (Custom Indicator System) this will allow you to customise your bobbins to exactly how you like them with a range of colours available along with Micro, Slim and Fat heads, 3inch link and ball chains, 9inch link and ball chains, 9inch dacron cord, Springer arm or Swinger arm!

Mix and match to suit your own fishing, this really is a comprehensive system that will benefit your angling and also looks so good!

The new bite indicators

New great video content

Now available to view on our Youtube page is the first in the series of Extreme Carp. Fox consultant Rob Hughes hosts this fantastic series and in this episode he joins big fish angler Ian Chilly Chillcott at a lake steeped in history. Check the video out to see how they got on.





Media manager Lewis Porter is not the culturally diverse people in the world however when the opportunity arose to spend a day on the bank with a Japanese carp magazine editor, supprisingly he jumped at the chance.

The editor of top Japanese magazine ‘Carp Fishing’, Yohei Ochiai, was visiting the UK to make a large feature about Fox International. Whilst he was here he asked if we could take him to catch his first-ever UK carp so Lewis, took Yohei for a day session to Chigborough in Essex.

Despite difficult weather conditions, the pair managed to bank four carp including a new UK PB for Yohei of 13lb! The fishing in Japan is far more basic than the UK so Lewis showed Yohei a number of rigs and tactics including how to tie his beloved ‘Hinged Stiff Rig’ (A rig that Yohei had never seen before) and this what he caught his fish on!

Japan-easy… Lewis + Yohei

Lewis has also been getting amongst them himself on his ultra deep syndicate lake. His most recent result was a brace of immaculate 30lb commons; the biggest of the pair weighing in at 36lb 14oz. Both fish were caught from 36ft of water on hinged stiff rigs tied using a Coretex boom and 25lb Rigidity hook section. Hook was a size 5 Arma Point SR and hookbait a Milky Toffee pop-up.

Lewis’s latest whacker.

Best Looking Carp?

I have to say I have never seen such a unique and gorgeous specimen as this incredible 30lb leather caught by Luke Griffiths. This is a fish that Luke has been chasing for a little while and is rumoured to be at least 40 years old with this being its first capture at over 30lb!

Luke fooled the fish using a simple Coretex hooklink and an Arma Point XSC hook with a Line Alina Adaptor pushed over the eye to create an aggressive hooking angle. Needless to say Luke was made up and we can see why!

What a stunner for Luke!

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