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Here, Angler’s Mail gives a warm welcome here to top carp brand Nash, who will be part of our new Carp Blog line-up. Their intro was written by Keith Jones, leader of the Nash consultant team.

Read on, and check back for more bloggers’ introductions, in their own words…



AT NASH we live and breathe carp fishing, in fact everyone from Kevin Nash downwards is absolutely obsessed with it.

Everyone at Nash from Kevin (right, with No.2 Alan Blair) downwards is obsessed with carp fishing.

The office team are all keen anglers but they also have to regularly work long hours, this often involves an early start and then continuing well into the night.

Working at Nash is a dream job and its also a very rewarding one but fishing time can sometimes be limited with many of the team fishing quick overnighters on waters or rivers near to Nash HQ.

Being carp anglers as you would expect we all have syndicates or target waters, at times we might be chasing a specific fish. So longer sessions or weekends are fished when time allows.

Most mornings somebody has a story to tell of a new capture or some kind of bank side occurrence so there’s always a real buzz around the office.

Out and about at fishing shows

At certain times of the year carp shows and our popular and highly acclaimed fishery roadshows also take up a lot of our time, the preparation for a typical event is massive and starts long before a show weekend.

Even after the event there’s a huge amount of sorting out of equipment and organising ready for next time.

It’s always good to meet and talk with our customers, after all we’re all anglers and on the same wavelength. Most of the feedback we receive regarding the baits and tackle is generally very good, but even the odd negative comments are useful to receive as it helps us to make things even better in the future.

Shows give us a great chance to demonstrate the benefits of products and get extra feedback.

Product development as well as testing and evaluating new ideas also takes up a huge amount of time, obviously all the staff want to be fishing with the very best bait and tackle available and its this drive for perfection that pushes things forward at a relentless pace.

Some of our most popular products are also some of the most copied so in an effort to keep ahead of the pack we are always looking for ways to improve the range. Although this can at times be frustrating for us it does mean that we are always pushing the boundaries and bringing you, our valued customers even better products.

The team behind quality tackle and bait

Life at the Nash Bait factory is also incredibly hectic, we produce up to 12 ton of bait a week.

We also have our own bait laboratory, chemist and other specialist staff. Many of the additives, palatants and attractors used in the formulation of the baits are actually designed and manufactured in the lab and just like the tackle there’s always something new or interesting that needs testing and evaluating.

Gary Bayes, who is an absolute legend within the world of carp bait, manages the factory and is the main driving force behind bait development. Gary is also a very accomplished angler and has a string of very impressive captures to his name.

We also have a team of top consultants who also share the same passion for carp fishing. The team are a real mixed bag of people. We have an impressive line up in the team, some are full-time anglers and make a living from writing and other fishing related activities. Anglers such as Jerry Hammond, Julian Cundiff or Nigel Sharp for example are names that many will be familiar with.

Others may be less familiar, many work full or part time outside of the fishing industry, but just like many of you reading this, they are obsessed with fishing and just go whenever they can. But the one thing they all have in common is a huge talent for catching carp.

You’ll find us in the new Angler’s Mail Carp Blog

Over the coming months we’ll be bringing you the inside story at Nash here at www.anglersmail.co.uk. Most certainly there will be a few highs and lows along the way with the odd disaster or hilarious story to tell.

I’m sure there will also be some impressive fish captures to report plus plenty of hot off the press news. The team always have plenty of tips and ideas that they are keen to share.

As the months change and angling conditions and the carp’s likes and dislikes change we’ll be taking a look in detail at the very latest tactics and methods. I’m sure this information will help us all catch more fish.

Until our next time here on the new Angler’s Mail Blogs, enjoy this (overdue) summer!


Check back soon for another blogger’s introduction, as we gear up for a new blog here every day.

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