With changing of the seasons from summer to autumn, it's important YOU get in tune.

Here are some top autumn carp fishing tips from expert anglers, to help you catch fish like this one during  the weeks ahead.

Have self-belief, says Julian Cundiff

The key to catching carp at this time of year is not just going but having the self-belief to keep at it even when it looks less than favourable.

I gave up believing that this time of year was ‘the big feed up’ years ago and for me that happens late Oct/Nov. This time of year can be hard work…

The nights are clear and the rain really can drop the water temperature down a lot.

Water clarity makes the carp a lot more spooky. And for me the period mid September to mid October is about toughing it out and keeping the drive going with your autumn carp fishing.

Julian Cundiff

Julian Cundiff is one of several experts sharing their autumn carp fishing tips in this special online article.

A lot of anglers fall by the wayside – but I won’t. I know that keeping the bait going in, keeping an eye on any developing patterns will stand me in good stead for my autumn carp fishing, and the future.

I am fishing single hookbaits on my favourite Multi-Rig over my ‘slop’ of crumb/hemp/liquidised corn.

But when I do go, I will spread bait all round areas the carp have been showing.

The trick is not to falter and fall off the radar as once you lose touch with a water it’s hard to get back on it.

Think about your bait, says Nigel Sharp

Nigel Sharp, seen here with the stunning Burghfield Common.

Nigel Sharp, seen here with the stunning Burghfield Common.

As the water temperatures start to fall I tend to stop using oily products such as high oil pellets and boilie dips.

My reasoning behind this is so that my baits don’t start fatting up like candle wax in the carps digestive systems. In the main I’ll be sticking to the boilie approach from now on.

As the leaves start to fall and litter the bottom, I’ll also start to favour pop-up rigs over bottom bait presentations so that I can guarantee that my hook points are clear of any debris.

If I am intent on staying on the same water in to the colder winter months I’ll start introducing my favoured winter baits by mixing them in with the bait that I’m currently using.

Focus on watercraft, says Keith Jones

The weed is fast disappearing, some hot spots of natural food have also disappeared or been eaten out by fish.

This seems to have had the effect of encouraging the carp to move into new comfort zones, their daily routines and patrol routes have changed slightly too.

The normally productive swims have mainly failed to produce for the anglers that are just doing the same old thing with their autumn carp fishing.

But those with a more open mind who are making the effort to find the fish and fine tune their tactics slightly have done better.

One question we are regularly asked at this time of year is: ‘should I be changing my baits ready for the months ahead?’

The answer to that is for the time being ‘no’. If it’s working then stick with it and instead focus on the watercraft.

But if I had to pick just bait at the moment it would be ready-made boilie paste. This stuff just oozes water born food signals, even the most lethargic disinterested fish can’t resist it. It works for me and I recommend you give it a try.

Time to get on the paste reckons Keith Jones!

Stick to one water, suggests Adam Garland

I’m really looking forward to autumn and early winter, stocking to one water mainly.

Adam Garland with an impressive autumn catch.

Adam Garland with an impressive autumn catch.

I’ve made the decision to see the rest of the year out on just one syndicate water in an attempt to regain the consistency within my angling.

The fish in this water are very old, and like most old fish they are creatures of habit, and regularly get caught from their favoured spots time and time again.

Making sure I’m in the swim and on that spot is the main approach I plan to employ with my autumn carp fishing in the coming months.

My rigs for the spring and summer have been my ever faithful fluorocarbon – braid combi rig fished at 12 inches, to keep it on top of any bottom debris and light weed.

During the later months the weed dies back and most of the spots I’ll be fishing will be crystal clear. And it’s for this reason I’ve switched over to 10 inches of coated braid.

I fish it blow back style with  a snowman rig, small subtle changes can make a big difference at the moment.

With big changes going in the carp’s underwater world you need to go fishing with an open mind. Location is key, and above all autumn carp fishing tips; if you are not on fish you won’t catch them!

Venue with a track record for Mike Jones

I’m starting on a new water this autumn. As this blog was put together, I was actually having a look around and discretely baiting a few spots.

It’s a gravel pit and around ten acres in size and it’s quite deep, too.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

The lake has a very good winter track record which is very important to me, and core with autumn carp fishing tips.

There is no point in sticking it out all winter on a water where only one or two fish comes out. The blanks can get you down and your motivation will soon go.

I think bait will be the key this winter on this lake because the fish I have seen are quite short and fat with big mouths. They look like real boilie-eating machines to me.

Really high food value baits are  particularly effective during the colder months. Amber is also proven colour to produce quick bites which makes it an unbeatable combination.

I’ll fish different options for hook baits but if the fish show a preference for one I’ll simply switch all rods to that one.

Stay closer to home, says Joe Jaggar

Joe Jaggar doesn't live in an area blessed with biggies, but knows how to catch autumn carp.

Joe Jaggar doesn’t live in an area blessed with biggies, but knows how to catch autumn carp.

Living up north, I clock up a fair few miles during the year fishing target waters in the pursuit of big carp.  But with the colder months looming I’m going to be fishing closer to home. But as a result of that the carp will be a little bit smaller.

I’ve been baiting the lake heavily for the last four weeks and as I write this now, I’ve just got back from my first night on the lake without any action but there was plenty of carp activity so I feel that my bait is getting polished off.

The campaign is going to be by no means a stroll in the park as the lake is low stock and sees a great deal of angling pressure. But I love fishing during the colder months.

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