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Reely good show – Shimano’s latest (with Jan Porter) and Daiwa (tested by Martin Salter)


WE HAD a big team out at the Tackle and Guns show at the weekend as this is the premier UK trade show and we have a great working relationship with all the guys at DHP and with Naidre Werner and her crew and the Angling Trades Association.

Martin Salter (right) checks out Korum’s impressive products, coming soon.

Martin Salter and our Chairman Mike Heylin were guests at the gala dinner and Martin spoke and presented the National Fishing Month Award to Pete Aske from the sponsors Go Outdoors. You’ve got to admire our industry for putting on over 300 events that attracted nearly 14,000 people to try angling in the middle of the wettest summer on record with all the distraction of the Olympics to contend with. A truly heroic effort and well done to everyone involved.

On the second day Martin and Mike were joined by our finance manager Stuart Sharp and marine campaigns manager David Mitchell.  The T&G show is a great place to catch up with key people in angling and the guys did some good work nailing down some exciting projects which we will be announcing in due course.

Cox & Rawle’s latest kit for sea fishing was amongst many items to catch the eye of the Trust’s tackle tarts!

Martin and David, being tackle tarts, spent a fair bit of time sussing out some of the fabulous new products that are coming on stream.

As you can see from these pictures the new fly rods from Daiwa and the technically brilliant Aero Big Pit reels from Shimano caught the eye as did some of the innovative items from Korum.

It was also good to see the much loved Cox and Rawle brand of sea fishing hooks, rigs and lures re-launched under the stewardship of the experienced Fishing Matters boss Mark Hamnett.


350,000 club anglers now under our wing

The Angling Trust is working hard to support our tackle trade by developing a National Angling Strategy to get more people fishing and by campaigning on the key issues that will protect and improve our fisheries.

It was great to hear from our Membership Manager Will Smith that the efforts of his hard-working team in Leominster resulted in a new record number of clubs in membership of the Angling Trust this week. Our 1,571 member clubs have a combined membership of nearly 350,000 anglers between them. That means the Angling Trust is a major player when compared to some other sports governing bodies and membership organisations.

However, we need more of these club members and more of the 3m+ anglers who go fishing every year to spend 50p a week (yes,  that’s right – just 50p!) and join us now as individual members so that we are a really strong voice for angling. If you aren’t yet a member and want to protect your fish and fishing join now at – it’s the best 50p you’ll ever spend on fishing…



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