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THIS week the Angling Trust hosted the Angling Summit in Westminster Central Hall in London.

About 60 people from the world of angling were invited to the launch of our new angling strategy to encourage more people to try angling. The Environment Agency and Angling Trust developed the strategy that builds on angling’s proven ability to promote wellbeing, support local communities and contribute to the economy.

As part of the development of the strategy, two national surveys were carried out by research organisation Substance which involved more than 29,000 anglers and 780 organisations working in angling. The results of these surveys were presented at the Summit and are now available on our web site at

What is clear is that fishing is helping young people learn to concentrate, take responsibility and achieve better results at school and it helps people with disabilities, recovering war veterans and the mentally ill.  What we need is better access to local waters so that people can regularly benefit from going fishing, and to make more opportunities for community groups to use angling as part of regeneration plans.  We also need to improve fish stocks and promote the benefits of angling to a wider audience.

The strategy will be delivered over the coming years by a wide range of organisations working together to develop plans to deliver the four elements of the strategy:


  • Encouraging people to take up and continue fishing so it becomes a habit for life – getting the fishing habit;
  • Recognition of angling’s role in improving the nation’s health, increasing educational attainment and reducing crime and anti-social behaviour – transforming and changing lives;
  • Improving people’s lives by using angling as a catalyst for bringing people and society together – focus on people and places;
  • Recognising that fish and fishing are at the heart of a better environment – hands up for the environment;


We also appointed our Fisheries Enforcement Manager Dilip Sarkar MBE this week to oversee our volunteer bailiff project that is being run in partnership with the Environment Agency.  If this carries on working well, then we hope to roll it out nationally to tackle head on the problem of poaching and fish theft on our rivers and stillwaters.

That’s it for this week, please have a look at our strategy on the web site and if you can, get involved!




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