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SO I see that Britain’s sizzling ‘Summer of Sport’ is officially over as the Olympic flame is extinguished, our national sporting pride restored and the English embrace Andy Murray as one of their own.

No doubt that it’s been an awesome summer for sports fans but the action far from over for us mad keen anglers. Angling Trust staff have been out there catching fish and having a great time on waters rejuvenated by the spring and summer rains and we reckon the prospects for the autumn look good too.

Our Chief Executive and salmon nut Mark Lloyd is taking a well earned break with some mates on a fishing trip to the Tyne which is why you’ve got me spouting off this week. Apparently Mark has had some nice fish but as yet we’ve failed to see the photographic evidence!

Fortunately our Chairman Mike Heylin has proved much more reliable, as this great photo shows, with our diminutive but happy leader wrestling a Usk salmon into submission. Actually the salmon had the last laugh as Mike discovered  later that he had dropped his brand new smart phone in the drink during the fight


A happy Mike Heylin with a fresh run Usk salmon.


Mike tells me he went down to Monmouth to do some work with Guy Mawle, another of the Trust’s Directors, and courtesy of Guy he squeezed in a quick session on a perfectly conditioned river Usk and had two salmon for 14lb and 8lb. Both were safely returned to head upstream to complete their nuptials. One of my colleagues cruelly remarked that this is often the closest Mike gets to sex nowadays !

Apart from the privilege of working for the sport we all love one of the great things about working for the Angling Trust is that it brings you into contact with people from all disciplines in angling. Most of us are keen coarse and trout anglers but, contrary to popular opinion, there is some pretty reasonably priced salmon fishing available in the UK which costs less than the pools and the bait bill for many a match on a commercial fishery. This year I’ve had my first ‘intentionally’ caught salmon, including one on the fly, and at the weekend I’m hoping to land my first specimen bass on a lure under the expert guidance of one of the South’s top rods.

Round the regions

  • John Cheyne our Regions Co-ordinator was up in Preston last week for the regular North West Forum meeting which was also attended by Geoff Bateman the head of fisheries and biodiversity at the Environment Agency. It was great to see Geoff at an open forum meeting, happily taking questions from ordinary anglers about the work of the Agency. Topics such as Hydro power and water abstraction were raised which really emphasised the benefits of these regional forums. Where else could you ask such a Senior EA member of staff direct questions about such concerning topics ?
  • It’s been a busy period in the East Midlands region with the launch of a new county angling action group. The Leicestershire & Rutland County Angling Action Group’s first meeting will be taking place on Tuesday 18th September with the overall aim of supporting clubs, coaches, fisheries and all other partners in developing angling in the area. Find our East Mids man James on Twitter @jamesrocheAT for more information. Apparently the younger generation can only tweet…phones are clearly for old fogies like me and Mike Heylin !
  • Dan Ramm, no not a Dutch rock group but our man in Yorkshire and Humberside, reports on a great boost for Chapeltown & District AA in Leeds who will receive £30,000 of new funding to upgrade two local fishing venues which the club uses to coach youngsters through out the year at New Biggin and The Nancy pond. The Inspired Facilities Fund is part of the £135 million Places People Play legacy that is bringing the magic of a home Olympic and Paralympic Games into communities across the country. Our regional development officers are always happy to help clubs with funding bids. You can find out more at



Sandra Drew, Competitions & Events Manager for the Angling Trust has sent me this update on the excellent work of her team and the volunteers that support them. Sandra herself has been bobbing the waves aboard Meerkat  and enjoyed catching several plaice on her new Tubertini rod with the Tubertini Team England World Boat Team in Weymouth.


Nations World Championships 2012

On September the 15th and 16th 2012, the 59th Coarse Angling World Championship for Nations will take place on the River Morava, in the Czech Republic.


The Angling Trust seeking talented feeder anglers

The Angling Trust and Preston Innovations England Feeder Team Manager, Tom Pickering is holding a Feeder trial on Saturday 22nd September 2012 at Larford Lakes & River Severn complex, Worcestershire.


England Ladies National Fly Fishing Championship 2012

Eighteen England Ladies contested this year’s National Championship held at Grafham Waters, Huntingdon on Sunday 9th September.  Oakham’s Hilary Tomlinson is the 2012 National Champion weighing in 5 fish for 10lb 8oz.  Thirteen lades go forward to take part in the England International Team to fish in Ireland in 2013 in the Home International.


Tubertini Team England World Boat Team take silver

The FIPS-M 48th World Boat Championships was held in La Rochelle, France from 1st-8th September. Day one saw the team complete the day with three boat wins (Cliff Newbold, Colin Searles and Rolf Marschalek) and two second places for Gary Galbraith and Ray Barron. The host team, France did have four boat wins and a second to take the overall lead. Day two – the England team took on the French team head to head.  On day three the weather deteriorated and the wind turned to force 6 from the North East so the boats were restricted to fishing inshore with the target species being small congers. Ray Barrons won his boat ensuring the England team won a hard fought silver medal.



Stillwater Championship – Garbolino Lindholme Lakes Fishery, Hallcroft Fishery and Hayfield Lakes Coarse Fisheries – Saturday 17th August 2013 (Open to all teams including Division 1 and Division 2 National Championship teams)


Angling Trust Pike Final 2012

For anyone who has qualified for the Pike final the coupon is available until 2nd October in the Angling Times.  There is a £25 entry fee.  The Pike final will take place on Saturday 3rd November 2012 at Whittlesey Waters, Near Peterborough.


Winter League: The Angling Trust Winter league starts again at the end of September for 2012/2013 season.


Angling Trust Talent Pathway in 2012/2013

79 anglers have entered the Angling Trust Talent Pathway in 2012/13 programme. A series of selection of events have been staged in game, coarse and sea angling covering each of the 8 regions in England to identify talented anglers to enter a training programme. This training programme will be held between September 2012 and May 2013 where anglers will work with Angling Trust talent coaches where they will learn and understand International rules, tactics and techniques.

Contact Sandra at our Strelley Hall office in Nottingham (NG8 6PE) if you want more info on our great competitions programme.


From the salt…

Last week David Mitchell, The Angling Trust’s Marine Environmental Campaigns Manager, attended a debate on sustainable fishing in a changing world — part of the Oceans Of Potential conference in Plymouth Chaired by Monty Halls of BBC Two’s The Fisherman’s Apprentice.

David asked the panel of experts if they recognised the recreational sea angling sector as a valuable stakeholder in our fish stocks and that its interests should be taken into account in future fisheries management measures. The responses were mixed but the very fact that angling now has a voice at these events means more people are taking notice of us and starting to take angling seriously.

The Bexhill Sea Angling Festival starts this weekend with the Boat Species competition today (Saturday) and the kayak competition on Sunday. Next weekend is the main event with stalls and activities taking place in Bexhill. David will be staffing the Angling Trust stand on the 22nd and 23rd so if you are in or around East Sussex why not come along and say hello ?


News from Down Under

And yours truly ?  Well I’m back from a working holiday in Oz, more holiday than work, where I played my part in helping the Aussies create their own version of the Angling Trust. We’ve already had a massive first victory fighting off proposals for a giant supertrawler that wanted to pillage the baitfish stocks on which so many tuna, marlin and kingfish depend. When I’m not working for the Trust I do a bit of freelance writing these days and you can read all about here in my latest scribbling for Australian Fishing World… CLICK HERE

Martin Salter, writer of this blog, with a nice Australian kingfish whose future could be in doubt if the bait-robbing European super trawlers are ever allowed into Aussie waters.


On my return from Oz I was pleasantly surprised to see that our Facebook and Twitter accounts have really ramped up their numbers. Inquisitive as to why this might be the case I contacted our Membership Manager Will Smith who let me know that all the interesting news updates and photos we’ve been posting in the last month means that more and more people are realising that our social media is a great way to get the latest, instant updates from our organisation and the world of angling. There’s some great stuff on our Facebook and our Twitter every day so, if you haven’t already, check them out now!


And finally….

That’s it from me, check in next week for more news from your representative body.  If you’re not a member yet, now’s the time to join.  We’re about to announce a number of great new membership benefits.  However, I think that every angler should join the Angling Trust just to support our work fighting to protect fish and fishing for the benefit of all anglers.  It’s only £25 a year to join, less than 50p a week.  Visit  and please do it now.  It takes less than 5 minutes to safeguard the future of our sport and it will make you a better person – I promise !


Tight lines, Martin (the blog next week will be by my main man Mark Lloyd, so don’t miss it).



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