Last week general coarse fishing expert Colin Mitchell shared the top angling term searches in Google, this week he turns his attention to who came out on top in the search hit for big name anglers? Andy Little figured highly, along with an interesting mix of names...

LAST week we bowled you a right Googlie by revealing that trout fishing came top in Internet searches… and that pike angling outshone carp.  Now I can reveal how Andy Little beat John Wilson!

Ater checking out the various branches of our sport on Google I just had to type in the names of a few anglers to see how many results we got…

It’s nowhere a complete list as I just put in names of people I thought might get some big returns, are among my favourite anglers, or who I have appreciated fishing with.

Andy Little pips John Wilson

I admit I was shocked to see former Mail columnist and all-round angling ace Andy Little come out top – but only because I hadn’t realised just how many people rated him, like me, as one of our best-ever anglers.

John Wilson comes a close second!

John Wilson comes a close second!

Andy might have made his name carp fishing but believe me if you have ever seen him fish he is one of the greatest. Now living in retirement near the coast in the south west – but still fishing his socks off –

Andy has drawn criticism in the past from those who didn’t really know him. His list of big fish captures brought a lot of jealousy and that in turn meant an element of disbelief – except for those of us lucky enough to have seen him fish!

Believe me when I use the word awesome to describe his ability I really do mean it! Just take a look at the pictures of some of his captures!

Andy is the big fish world’s version of Bob Nudd and Kevin Ashurst in my book – a combination of a thinking, natural angler who makes it looks so simple.

Allowing for a few search glitches and the simplicity of what I Googled you can’t take the list as being definitive. But I think it does give a pretty good idea of how some of the UK’s celebrity, big fish and match anglers are currently viewed.

Interestingly, using the same search parameters and the word footballer, Wayne Rooney got 526k results; Jamie Vardy 462k and Chris Smalling 123k.

Who says our anglers aren’t famous?


  1. Andy Little 470k
  2. John Wilson 396k
  3. Steve Gardener 210k
  4. Ivan Marks 144k
  5. Matt Hayes 138k
  6. Will Raison 137k
  7. Frank Barlow 137k
  8. Chris Yates 68.6k
  9. Dave Harrell 58.1k
  10. Ian Heaps 44k
  11. Des Shipp 30k
  12. Bob Nudd 19.6k
  13. Alan Scotthorne 12k
  14. Kevin Ashurst 7k

* Searched with person’s name followed by the word ‘angler’. This means any angler with the same name could have come up in the searches. Measured thousands (k) of results delivered by a simple Google search.

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