Colin Mitchell, in his popular weekly general coarse fishing blog takes to Google to discover what really comes out on top in Google for anglers!

ALL OF us anglers know… angling is a funny old game!

We call it angling rather than fishing – because this implies, quite rightly, that we do it for fun or pleasure and return our quarry unharmed to the water. Fishing implies the use of nets or catching for the table to go with a nice quantity of chips!

We’ve also all got our own opinions on which is the most important branch of the fish and which are the most loved fish.

Now years ago I would fight hard to convince everyone that match fishing was the biggest aspect of our sport. OK, so I was biased because at that time I was probably 80 per cent a match angler: although competition entries at both Open and club level in those days may well have backed up my theory.

I’d have plumped for coarse angling as the highest interest level of our sport, followed by sea and then game fishing. All of these figures would have been partly backed up by the official estimated numbers and tackle sales.

Remember that in those days specimen anglers were pretty much cult figures and as for one-species anglers there were even rarer!


Match fishing was outside the Top 10.

Now let’s rush forward to modern day and ask me the same questions…

I’d say coarse fishing is still top dog; match fishing has declined substantially; and carp are the most popular among one-species chasing anglers.

To try and back up my theories I did some interesting searches on Google – not totally scientific I know but still a good guideline that threw up some interesting figures.

Fishing beats angling in the searches – no surprise as commercial fishing will have come into the results. But Game and Sea fishing were both well ahead of Coarse in the Google stakes.

The most popular species among the searches brought a surprise – trout ruled supreme and pike munched their way past carp.


Trout fishing was a top scorer, species wise.

The list below is just interesting. You wouldn’t want to build a business plan around it to captalise on creating a new water or becoming a tackle sales expert.

And it’s not just based on the UK but all around the internet world – so there are bound to be a few anomalies.


  1. Fishing 771m
  2. Trout 42m
  3. Game 39.8m
  4. Sea 21.5m
  5. Angling 16.9m
  6. Pike 18.1m
  7. Carp 14.2m
  8. Perch 12.6m
  9. Catfish 11.2m
  10. Coarse 2.69m
  11. Match 2.64m
  12. Bream 629k
  13. Roach 611k
  14. Barbel 536k
  15. Tench 433k
  16. Gudgeon 160k

*Measured in millions (m) or thousands (k) or results delivered by a simple Google search using ‘fishing’ at the end of each of the above words, except fishing itself.

After doing the above I just had to type in some other things to see how many results we got…and I’ll reveal more about that in my next blog!

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