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VIDEO: exciting tigerfish action in Africa!


Stu Walker shows one of the giant tigerfish he caught in Zambia. Video below!

WANT TO catch giants like this in Africa? Read the latest Angler’s Mail magazine – but first, you’d best watch the video below, via the wonders of AMTV.

Recently seen on Sky TV, Bob Roberts and Stu Walker have enjoyed a tiger fishing trip in Zambia.

After putting together the story for the latest Angler’s Mail magazine, we heard well-travelled Stu was sat on a chartered plane at Gatwick waiting to fly out to Algeria to do a job for BP.

The plane was due to bring home a number of those unfortunate folk who were taken hostage by the rebels. Needless to say his trip was cancelled.


Click the video below

The 15-minute clip of Stu and Bob’s exciting Zambia fishing trip is a cracker. And also check out Bob’s website.





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