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WE HAD just finished school and were off on holiday to the Loire Valley in France. Ahead of us was a week of sun, sightseeing…. and ideally some bendy rods and wet nets!

A lovely place to start our holiday – but the fish were slow to respond.

Upon arriving at our holiday home we were instantly drawn towards the lily-fringed river at the end of the garden.

The slow moving water gathered pace as it flowed beneath the mill or “moulin”, as they call it in French.

We had chosen this location after deciding to break the mould and fish a French river for barbel and silver fish instead of heading to one of the more popular carp lakes.

The first three days passed uneventfully on the fishing side of things, but we did visit a chateau called Villandry which had a selection of carp in the moat.

On the fifth day of our holiday we were starting to think we had chosen the wrong river to fish but we persevered and

Alex’s first barbel of the trip.

eventually Alex had a bite. A small barbel had taken a liking to Alex’s feeder fished maggots. To our surprise it would not be the only fish of the evening.

I managed a slightly bigger barbel on a Bait-Tech pre-drilled halibut pellet. My fish had a strange lump on its nose that looked rather comical.

After releasing my barbel, Alex and I decided we would bait this swim with hemp and maggots and fish it again the next day.

Below is the video we made about the most successful day of our trip.






Ever caught one of these? It’s a prussian carp caught by Alex. Wonder what we’ll catch in Iceland?!

All too soon our holiday was over and we had to pack away our gear but we had managed to sneak in a bit of last-minute fishing. Alex used a light leger and maggots to catch this small carp.

We thought it was a brown goldfish orpossibly an F1 carp but after talking to some other French anglers we were told it was a Prussian carp, also known as Gibel carp. Another new species!

Our trip to France had started off a little slow but with perseverance it had resulted in us catching many different species in idyllic surroundings.

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