ANGLER’S MAIL magazine often get asked about British records. Here, online, is the game species record list as it stands with each species having a  Natural and Cultivated categories.

Weights are in pounds, ounces and drams with the angler and then venue.

The list is run by the British Record Fish Commitee. Should you, or a friend, catch a fish near or over the British record weight (listed below) your best bet is to contact the friendly Angler’s Mail magazine newsdesk, exclusively, without delay.

Our contact phone numbers (office hours, Mon-Fri) are 0203 148 4160 or 0203 148 4161.

Email pictures, details, address and tel. number (as with any catch report) to:

The British salmon record holder remains Georgina Ballantine for her 64 lb giant.

The British salmon record holder remains Georgina Ballantine for her 64 lb giant.


CHARR (Artic)
Natural            9 8 0     1995              W  Fairbairn, Loch Arkaig, Inverness, Scotland
Cultivated       Vacant

Natural           4 4 8       2009             Paul Mildren, Wessex River.
Cultivated      Vacant

Natural           64 0 0     1922               Miss Georgina W Ballatine, River Tay, Scotland

SALMON (Pacific Humped Back)
Natural          3 8 12       2007              Louis Hunter, River Tweed, Scotland

Natural Vacant
Cultivated      8 3 0          1998              E Holland, Fontburn Reservoir, Northumberland

TROUT (Brown)
Natural          31 12 0    2002                Brian Rutland, Lock Awe, Argull, Scotland
Cultivated     28 1 0       1995                D Taylor, Dever Springs Trout Fishery, Hants

TROUT (Rainbow)

Cultivated        33 4 0     2003                 J Lawson, Watercress Trout Fishery, Devon (yet to be ratified)

Resident           24 1 4     1998                 J Hammond, Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex

Wild                 Vacant

The previous cultivated record of 36 lb 14 oz 8 drms caught in 1995 at Dever Springs Trout Fishery, and claimed by C White has been suspended due to statements made by Mr White as to the authenticity of the record claim.

TROUT (Sea) (Salmo trutta)
Natural            28 5 4      1992                J Farrent, Calshot Spit, River Test
Cultivated        Vacant

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