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Is this Britain’s next record carp?


THE carp expected to smash the long-standing British record is nudging towards the magic barrier after it came out last week at a best ever at 64 lb 2 oz.
Matt Bryant took the massive mirror called the Parrot for the SIXTH time from Berkshire’s Wasing Estate as the fish pushed towards the 67 lb 8 oz British best set way…

UK’s best BIG CARP water on day ticket

THE biggest ‘accessible’ big carp water in the country has just produced two 50 lb-plus common carp and could easily be labelled the best big fish water in the country.
Tiny Strawberry Fields near Tunbridge Wells in Kent has just produced ‘Wart’ at 54 lb to Graham Beadle following the capture of ultra-long ‘Lee Jackson’ at 58 lb 7 oz to…

UK’s biggest common carp!

GAVIN SKERRATT celebrated his birthday in style by catching the biggest common carp in the country at a whopping 56 lb 2 oz from Kent’s day ticket Strawberry Fields.
The fish is one of the biggest in the country and just pips the second biggest common from Berkshire’s massive Burghfield Lake that recently came out to current British record holder Austin…

Mega 89 lb mirror is World’s second biggest carp

ENGLISH angler John ‘JB’ Alexander caught possibly the second biggest known carp in the world when he matted this 89 lb monster mirror from France.
JB caught phenomenal ‘Scar’ from Luke Moffats’ fishery Le Graviers in Dijon, France, at the spawned-out weight. It used be the World record carp.
The fish has been caught on CC Moore N-Gage XP on at least…

British carp record-breaker is dead

FORMER British carp record holder Terry Glebioska has suddenly passed away at the age 64. He had no previous ill health so it has been a shock to family and friends. 
Terry was well known in the big fish world. He shot to wider fame in 2001 by catching Two Tone at Conningbrook in Kent at 59 lb 7 oz.
For the…


BRITAIN’S living biggest day ticket carp has been out at a new high, 57 lb 14 oz.
With several giants having died in recent years, it’s a fish to watch!
Here is the full story as told to Angler’s Mail… in the latest captor, Ben Hewer’s own words.
Big carp and all coarse species can be seen in the mag every week.

Angler’s Mail magazine reveals: THE UK’s GREATEST CARP VENUE OF ALL-TIME!

ANGLER’S MAIL can reveal this week that a hush-hush carp venue is about to have the same impact legendary venue Redmire did in the 1950s and 60s.
But this venue – created by carp legend Kevin Nash – has TWO lakes that will blow the minds of anglers.
In a year where many of the very biggest English carp have died including…

TRIBUTE: When Two Tone broke the British carp record…

There is no doubt what THE story of the week has become in the media.
Here, exclusive to the Angler’s Mail website, is our account from August 2008, when Two Tone  last broke its own British record….a record that still stands today! Read, and enjoy…
TWO TONE’S dominance as the UK’s biggest carp continues after the mighty mirror surged to a record…


CARP fans are in mourning as news filtered out over the weekend (August 14/15, 2010) about British record carp Two Tone having been found dead.
The famous mirror lived in Mid-Kent Fisheries’ Conningbrook  venue, having been stocked into the lake at 12 lb in 1982. After a hard winter followed by a tough spring, when the fish’s body was found by…


Scar World Record 99 lb carp

AMBROSE SMITH smashed the World carp record with this truly colossal 99 lb monster mirror, as the global best nears the magic ton mark. But the drama didn’t end there…
The Denham, Buckinghamshire roofer caught the fish known as Scar from his mate Luke Moffats’ fishery Le Graviers in Dijon, France.
The fish created a huge global stir amongst carp fans after…