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Fish expert’s theory on Colnemere deaths

ANGLER’S MAIL magazine has been reporting on the wipeout at hush-hush lake Colnemere, where casualties included prized carp, The Black Mirror.
Angler’s Mail has heard various theories and our magazine report covers what happened, with fish deaths being investigated including huge bream and tench.
Fish health scientist and former EA fish health officer Ian Wellby, whose company, BlueRoof, advises clients.
He told…


It’s more bad news for carp fans and caring anglers of all kinds…
The Black Mirror, a highly prized resident of Colnemere, AKA “The Mere”,  near West London’s Heathrow Airport, was widely reported on internet forums to have died. And the story in  Angler’s Mail (issue cover-dated August 31, 2010)  gets to the bottom of it all.
Many other fish, including an even…