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VIDEO: how to tie a 360 Rig for carp fishing

VIDEO: how to tie a 360 Rig for carp fishing

Fox – sponsors of our brilliant Fox Carp Cup - made this handy video to give you a step-by-step guide to mastering the 360 Rig. They say: “Without a doubt the 360…


7 most memorable angling moments of summer 2014

  1. Euro Aqua’s monsters for British anglers In the news in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine after a truly incredible haul of the World’s BIGGEST carp, this Hungarian venue…


It’s Porky… the giant 50 lb carp!

The 31-year-old electrician Glen Stone was fishing Cambridgeshire’s syndicate venue Monks Pit when the pot-bellied big ‘un weeded him up, convincing him all he had left on his hook was…

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25 venues where you can catch river carp!

THE resurgence in carp fishing on wild, unstocked venues is great to see – the mystery of angling for unknown specimens, often on free-to-fish stretches of river, is really addictive…

Caught in the night
This little scrapper came within the first hours of darkness, after all the other anglers had gone home after a biteless day. Venues that see a lot of daytime angling pressure can often come alive at night. So consider the odd overnighter this summer and enjoy some exciting nocturnal fishing.
Special thanks to Arfleet Fishery – call Bruno on 01929 427421. Tickets available from Deano at Purbeck Angling on 01929 550770.

21 essential night fishing tips

  VENUES which see heavy pressure during the daylight hours can see its inhabitants switch off the feed. They only get their heads down for a bit of grub during…


Old habits revisited… with a twist!

AS a younger carp angler one of the golden lessons drilled into me by those more experienced was the importance of getting there before dawn and watching the water for…

VIDEO: Nash’s Urban Banx 7 is here!

VIDEO: Nash’s Urban Banx 7 is here!

As Nash said in launching the video: “Alan is back and hungry for a new mission! He travels to Bristol to fish alongside his good friend Jordan Dicks as they…