Barbel meats

Ultimate guide to meat fishing baits

  LUNCHEON MEAT WE start this Angler’s Mail multi-page meat fishing baits guide with a look at the old faithful, which still catches a lot of fine fish today. When…

Not the biggest barbel in the world by any stretch - but at 11lbs 15oz it's a worthy capture[1]

Barbel fishing baits with a difference!

  WITH so little time these days it’s been quite hard for me to get out and do a spot of barbel fishing. With such short windows of fishing time…

Surface feeder

Best summer baits explained

STIFLING hot weather, like most of us have had over the past few days, can lead to really difficult fishing. There can be some bumper catches too – especially early…

Floating plastic dog biscuits are a durable surface bait when carp are slurping down floaters. They are fitted with a split shot counterweight so the bait sits partly submerged with the hook uppermost and is invisible to the carp


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Step 4 - Empty the contents of the blender and squeeze some into a ball as feed.


ANGLER’S MAIL columnist Bill Rushmer is a baits expert and loves nothing better than sharing his knowledge of the best ways with supermarket baits.  Bill used one loaf of bread…

Simon Pomeroy

Pallatrax go free-range with baits

PALLATRAX, sponsors of our prestigious Specimen Cup competition, are leading the way in baits by using the “right” kind of eggs. Pallatrax boss Simon Pomeroy said: ‘Top quality bait needs…