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VIDEO: Kevin Nash catches giant carp on stunning new Scope carp rod!

KEVIN NASH has revealed his brand new and exciting Scope rods system to Angler’s Mail – with exclusive coverage in our magazine! We also bring you some more details and a video here at our lively new website.

The Nash Scope  rods come in two lengths – shorter than rival carp rods and below the accepted length in use in carp fishing today. They’re not stalking rods, but are 9 ft and 10 ft true carp fishing rods with great action.

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We can confirm the likely selling prices below for the full range of rods and landing net.

£139.99 – Scope 9ft 2.75lb
£149.99 – Scope 9ft 3lb
£149.99 – Scope 10ft 2.75lb
£159.99 – Scope 10ft 3lb
£149.99 – Scope Landing Net
These products and matching luggage (so compact you’ll have seen nothing like it in carp fishing!) were fully explained by Kevin and his team to us in a visit to their autumn 2012 new tackle show.
You can see the Scope kit in our magazine (pictured right, cover-dated October 9, 2012).



Click below to see Kevin Nash testing a prototype of the Scope rods to land a 48 lb carp. The footage was only released now, so nobody got a preview too early of the Scope range – it was kept hush hush!





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