The World carp record has shot from 101 lb 4 oz to 105 lb 13 oz (48 kg) at Euro Aqua in Hungary, Angler's Mail can reveal.


Thomas Krist (right) cradles the carp that scaled a staggering 48 kg – which converts to 105 lb 13 oz. He’s seen with the owner of Euro Aqua in Hungary.


Thomas Krist from the Czech Republic is the new World carp record holder with the fish pictured above, adding over 4 lb to the existing record.

Euro Aqua in Hungary burst onto the wider big fish scene three years ago, on June 2, 2012, when Roman Hanke made an amazing 101 lb 4 oz catch (below). Since then, as we reported, many British anglers have joined the monster-seekers at this incredible water.


Roman Hanke gives a full view of his 101 lb World record carp.


The impressive commercially-run 11.3-hectare (28-acre) Aqua Lake is a former gravel pit near the truly massive (146,500-acre) Lake Balaton.

Well maintained Euro Aqua fishery holds many more giant carp, plus catfish, zander and pike, and packages can be booked to fish there.

It’s run by a couple Alexander and Susan, and Alexander bought it back in the mid-1990s as a retreat for friends and family, later forming an angling club for fish it.

World’s biggest carp


The biggest carp landed from France was 100 lb 8 oz, a common carp that has since died.

The rise of the lake to No.1 status for the World’s biggest carp, outshining the many rich venues in France in particular, was a surprise to many anglers. But not to those big carp hunters who were really in the know.

Euro expert Steve Briggs, said after the 101-pounder was landed: ‘The Euro Aqua lake has been under the radar as far as most English anglers are concerned but I’ve certainly known about it for the last three or four years.

‘It’s not the first big fish to be caught from there in fact it holds a great deal of very large carp, easily as many as any of the known French waters and so it’s no great surprise really that the first 100 lb carp came from there.”

As Angler’s Mail reported recently, giant carp in Graviers, Abbey Lakes and Rainbow Lake are amongst those with known carp that have nudged  up towards 100 lb, along with Keltcherhoef in Belgium.

The current British carp record of 67 lb 8 oz has stood for nearly seven years, having been caught back in August 2008.



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