AMBROSE SMITH smashed the World carp record with this truly colossal 99 lb monster mirror, as the global best nears the magic ton mark. But the drama didn’t end there…

The Denham, Buckinghamshire roofer caught the fish known as Scar from his mate Luke Moffats’ fishery Le Graviers in Dijon, France.

The fish created a huge global stir amongst carp fans after putting on 8 lb in just five weeks.

But then only days later, silencing those who doubted its huge weight, John Bryan, from Waltham Abbey, Essex captured the mega mirror at… 99 lb. John didn’t waste any time on his trip – striking lucky within 20 minutes of casting out!


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  • Jay Tom

    Wow 99lbs and only half a fish! imagine how heavy it might have been if he had caught the whole thing!!

  • gary page

    Probably 18 tons of spodmix bombarding the lake that made it put on 8lb in 5 weeks

  • punky jonn


  • John Bee

    Ate all the pies?

  • harvey

    thats a fat fish and how the hell did it put on 8 lb in 5 weeks ? :/