There is no doubt what THE story of the week has become in the media.

Here, exclusive to the Angler’s Mail website, is our account from August 2008, when Two Tone  last broke its own British record….a record that still stands today! Read, and enjoy…

RIP Two Tone - Oz Holness with the now dead mirror back in August 2008. Read our report on that catch right here...

TWO TONE’S dominance as the UK’s biggest carp continues after the mighty mirror surged to a record weight of 67 lb 14 oz. (Weight later reduced to 67 lb 8 oz after scales checks. Ed.)

Captor Austin ‘Oz’ Holness smashed the British record when he connected with the big one at Mid-Kent Fisheries’ Conningbrook Lake.

You have to go all the way back to Kevin Cummins’ capture of Mary at 56 lb 6 oz, from Wraybury No.1 pit in Berkshire back in 1998, to find any record-holder other than the Kent venue’s leviathan.

Oz, 36, from the same county, eclipsed the current official record held by Simon Bater at 65 lb 14 oz landed in 2005 and John Bird’s catch of Two Tone at 66 lb 15 oz, which has yet to be ratified.

Rather than opting for little if any bait, a tactic that has seen Two Tone on the bank on more than one occasion, Oz opted for heavy baiting with Geoff Kemp’s Active Bait Solutions GNZ boilies.

Oz told the Mail: ‘I like to use plenty of bait as these tactics done alright for me in the past.

‘I’ve been fishing ‘The Brook’ for the past 16 months and have got through loads of bait.

‘During this time I’ve had 21 carp including many of the other named fish. And as I clocked up the bites my hope of the next one being the big ‘un grew.

‘He came on the second day of a 48-hour session. I had found a nice silty spot between two large weedbeds in area called Perfume Bay.

‘I started off by feeding 100 boilies and topped this up with around another 50 the following morning.

‘I had a couple of liners over the session and there was a proper movement of water, yet the majority of fish seemed to be down the other end of the pond.

‘The take was a stuttery three bleeps and then a belting one-toner.

‘The fish hit the surface early but it was a bit of stalemate and he soon got his head in the weed.

‘We called for the boat and me and my mate Marshy, edged our way towards the fish.

‘Once there I started clearing the weed from the line when all of a sudden there sat this huge tail and I knew there and then it was Two Tone.

‘The fight was pretty hectic as I played the fish to the boat five or six times but it kept powering away.

‘Then the moment came as we got it in the net and roared out “Two Tone!”

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