ANGLER’S MAIL can reveal this week that a hush-hush carp venue is about to have the same impact legendary venue Redmire did in the 1950s and 60s.

But this venue – created by carp legend Kevin Nash – has TWO lakes that will blow the minds of anglers.

In a year where many of the very biggest English carp have died including record fish Two Tone, the internet forums have been awash with talk of what is left.

But in a world exclusive, Kevin has now decided the time is right to reveal all about the two wonder waters he has built and cultivated himself.

In this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine, Kevin explains how both his lakes probably contain a fish over the 67 lb 8 oz current best, with one of those probably 70 lb-plus.

Over 4-pages in our magazine, this is essential reading!

And he also tells of the rest of the amazing stocks – countless 40 and 50 lb-plus fish.

So check out this week’s Angler’s Mail – on sale from Tuesday,  October 26 – for a four-page news special on this amazing water where Kevin talks openly and frankly about his two specimen-stuffed lakes with loads of amazing pictures as well…

  • Mark brotherston

    his lakes resemble redmire pool from the 50s and 60s.very weedy,abundant natural food,isolated location,limited angling to elite syndicate members only and of course many record size carp.

  • Mark brotherston

    i own a copy of kevin nash in pursuit.he created the film as he wanted the world to know as he himself wanted to know just ow large the carp that swim in there have grown too.he lands 3 carp,the first being a 50lb 2oz common that was 18lb when introduced along with another 3 other commons back in 1997,the other commons being similar weight to the 50 and the third is 30lb.he then lands the second carp a mirror weighing 46lb 7oz and finaly landing the mirror known as the
    emperor at 59lb.this was back in 2006 so in the interviening 5-6 years it is perfectly feasable to believe that those fish could have a serious tilt at the british record.

  • BB

    Trying to market a stock pond as the ‘new’ Redmire really shows some chutzpah – sadly it’s the worst kind of commercialisation: about as far away from the real Redmire as you can get.

  • BB

    Let’s be honest, he’s describing a stock pond and trying to market this as a ‘new’ Redmire shows some chutzpah: a new low in the appalling commercialisation of carp fishing.

  • Danny Chapman

    As far as I am concerned if mr Nash wants to try to replicate Redmire then us as anglers, carp fisherman and members of http://www.carpit.co.uk can only benefit from it

  • Caruthers Clooper

    Dam up a stream whose water is of perfect alkalinity and surrounded entirely by incredibly fertile Hereford farmland such that the Lake created has a perfect South Westerly aspect to maximize the warming effect of the summer sun and a perfect average depth, leave it to ferment for at least two hundred years until the Dragon Fly larvae exceed 6″ in length and the Gudgeon a pound in weight, introduce just 50 fingerling Carp (Cyprinus Carpio strain irrelevant), leave to simmer for 17 years completely undisturbed such that the Carp grow without fear of predation or competition for food from any other species then wander across the Dam wall with your lisom wand and Par-boiled potatoe or Honey paste and gaze up towards the shallows………..then and only then may you have the audacity to even contemplate that maybe just maybe here is another Redmire! It’s not going to happen is it Gentlemen? Kevin Nash stop dreaming there is only one Redmire and there will never be another………