A RAMPAGING seal has been tucking into coarse fish well up the River Severn in Gloucestershire.

As reported in the new bumper issue of Angler’s Mail (December 21/28 issue), one carp had a miraculous escape.

But a pike was not so lucky – its demise at the teeth of the cute and friendly seal being caught on camera by a Mail reader.

The video of the attack is available to view HERE – but please be warned that the video does contain some swear words.

The mammal – thought to be a common seal that grows to over 6 ft long and weighing 290 lb – has been entertaining many anglers even if it has meant poor sport.

Read the full story in Angler’s Mail magazine – and see a stunning image of another seal attack.

Don’t forget to see that Severn video at ANGLERSMAILTV

  • adrian

    can blame the poor seal .human greed making it come more inland for food sources

  • Derek Edward Weeks

    At my local fishing spot very near my home in Florida I have aquired a new fishing partner in the shape of a 7ft 180lb juvenile gator. she normally sits about 10-15ft away in the reeds waits till I catch a largemouth bass then moves in for a free meal. I use 20lb braid but a gator will severe this without trouble a sharp pullround, resistence then nothing.