REPORTS that a think-tank – featuring 30 voluntary organisations – have suggested stripping the Environment Agency of £9.4 million in official finance remain unsubstantiated.

The Quango’s cost-cutting advice is believed to suggest the new Conservative-Liberal coalition should remove Government subsidy to the EA’s fisheries work, which is otherwise funded by nearly 1.5 million rod licences being sold annually to anglers.
The loss of the aid, which tops up rod licence fee income, has prompted speculation there could knock-on rises of over £7 per annual coarse adult licences to maintain services.

UPDATE: for the latest, check out this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine (cover dated Aug 10).

  • Jim Judd

    To be honest, £7 isn’t much of an increase. It might be in percentage terms but what we have right now is a very low price for a rod licence. If the Government wants to save money by not subsidising the EA, shouldn’t the people who benefit the most from the EA’s work pick up the slack?

  • Glen

    I can’t believe that no one has commented on this yet!
    I left a comment on the facebook page and had no response so I will leave one here too.

    I think that a £7 price hike (if it was to be that much) is a bit too far as it seems to of gone up each year since the licence was changed years ago. If it did go up as much I am afraid I would have to stop buying a licence as I don’t go enough now to warrent a licence as it is 🙁