Our current issue (February 8 cover-date, cover below) has a special news feature on the winner of our last online poll – selected by you, our website visitors.

You may recall, we asked about the “greatest angling achievements”.

Now, exclusive to www.anglersmail.co.uk, comes a poll asking you to select the BIGGEST THREATS TO OUR SPORT.

This is a big question – hence 17 answers, and you can choose the three you rate as the biggest threats.

Please vote now – the poll can be seen down the right of this page.

Thank you for voting!

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  • Steve

    North American signal crayfish – they have destroyed fish stocks in our local river (Wey in Surrey). Be afraid, be very afraid!

  • Steve

    Where I live, the local river fish population has been decimated by North American crayfish and they are now finding their way into local still waters. If you don’t have this problem near you yet, be afraid…be very afraid!

  • Ed Green

    In the last 15yrs I have not had my licence checked by the EA.In fact apart from the odd angler on the riverbanks I see no monitoring of who or what is going on wildlife wise or human activity wise, thats during the daylight hours. Obviously after dark then it gives those who wish to pusue illegal activities carte blanche to go ahead and decimate our fishing.

  • Connor Beresford

    I think the biggest threat to our sport is the amount of eastern europeans taking fish. Their actions are making some fishery baliffs not trust us.

  • Neville Griffin

    Dear anglers mail,i think its a great idea too vote on the biggest threat to are sport!but the vote needed to be more simple really!as their is really only one main threat to are sport and that is “Human beings”We’ve overfished sea’s so the cormrants have come inland,we’ve farmed crayfish wrong so we suffer with the crayfish population distroying are native crayfish and the signal crays eating alot of the fish spawn.Then we put otters back into the rivers which are struggleing with other preditors to contend with!! .Top all off the Polish are taken fish out of are waters and eating them as they say thats what they do at poland!But we dont do it here!!!Its all crazyness!!We need to make the public more awear of these problems before its to late for are future fishermen!!