WEARING flip-flops and shorts is not considered good-business when it comes to appearing in court and it helped land swaggering rod licence-dodger Stuart Green with a £861 fine.


Stuart Green, 28, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was caught fishing without a rod licence at Messingham Sands, in the same county.

He decided to wear the inappropriate attire to face Scunthorpe Magistrates and was then was promptly hit with the hefty fine.

Despite owning top-end tackle, the licence dodger ended with nearly treble what had been dished-out in the same court for similar offences.

One Environment Agency source told the Mail: “What a fool, he even insisted that they hurried-up as he had to get to work.

“Owning thousands of pounds of tackle is not a defence for not having a rod licence.”

Others who attended the same court were fined upwards of £163.


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  • Paul Mavin

    What a Dick !! £27.50 for the year to go fishing is hardly breaking the bank . He probably wouldn’t think twice about spending double that on a night out !!

  • Simon Falla

    Serves him right!!
    The inland waterways are kept beautiful..the Fish and animals are kept healthy…by the money us anglers pay the environment agency to protect our environment via our Rod Licence.