Angler’s Mail would like to bring to the attention of its readers that major mail order company, Bennetts of Sheffield, is no longer trading. The FULL story has appeared in our magazine.

The sad news came just too late for our November 2, 2010 issue, which included a back page advert from Bennetts. Certainly the last such ad for a while. Do not try and order products shown on that advert, or previous Bennetts adverts seen in the Mail or elsewhere.

If you are waiting for an order from Bennetts be aware of the situation.

The company’s Bosfish website was also no longer live when the the news broke publicly but reopened – only to confirm the bad news of the shop shutting.

Enquiries chasing unfulfilled orders should be addressed to Bennetts’ liquidators:

Wilson Field
The Annexe The Manor House
260 Ecclesall Road South
Sheffield S11 9PS
Tel: 0114 235 6780

LATEST UPDATE (June 2011): Bennetts start trading again!

LATEST UPDATE (January 2013): They are still trading online only.

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  • wolfie

    Odd comment from Owl4lyfc. I worked at bennetts till the close and was informed before I went to work we were closing and received pay rises over the years. I wonder where you were working that I didn’t notice you for 15 years?

  • Peter G

    Very sad news regarding Bennetts – I ran a large retail outlet in the UK for many years / Premier Daiwa / Shimano etc etc etc its interesting to see the comments – “looked at the gear in Bennetts and then bought cheap elswhere”
    Unfortunately the consumer cannot have it both ways – it costs huge sums of money to hold the vast ranges of stock now available – to then have to sell it at single percent margins will see you go bust – unless you are a massively cash rich business – at which point you are better off with your money in the building society giving you a couple of percent more on your investment.
    I closed my business and laid off four staff – I felt terrible for them – but to be honest I was glad to get out of an extreemly screwed up retail industry. I even left the country !
    Q: What are all you angling consumers going to do when ther are QUOTE ” no more good old tackle shops” ??

  • Les Pearce

    You have been a wonderful mail order haven for all fishermen down here in the south. It’s been a real pleasure doing business with you over the last 10 years. It certainly a sad day for your customers and even more so for you the employees. Here’s wishing you all good fortune. Many thanks

  • Nick

    Bought lots of stuff over the years. Sometimes paid a bit extra but worth it for the expertise and delivery. Sorry for all those who have lost their jobs. Sad loss but maybe a reflection of where independent retail is going. Use it or lose it.

  • Gary Sheridan

    very sad indeed

  • Don

    Only discovered this when trying to access my account with them today!
    Very sad, I hope all of the loyal staff manage to get jobs and quickly, they really were the most helpful lot of people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

  • Jem Cook

    Simply gutted. Had some great bargains over many years. Will have to hang on to them to keep the memory alive.

  • kevin

    i ordered a rod 26th oct from bennets,they had taken money out of my account before despatching item,very e.mail saying update on rod [nothing recieved]but they had my money.what happens now.

  • john

    what a shock, i worked for bennetts in the eighties as my first job at sixteen when peter bennett was in charge, it was a pleasure to work there then, good memories.

  • Peter Russon

    I’ve been using Bennett’s for over a year now. Very sad to see a great company go, what are the loyal shoppers going to do now?. Some one out there as got to save this company.

  • micky sullivan

    It is always sad to see another tackle shop close, and it is somewhat of a shock though when it is a concern as big as Bennett’s. As a member of the Trade I know how damn hard the business is out there at present,the smaller shops have been blaming internet sales for the demise in the market, but Bennett’s were the original and the biggest ‘on line’ sales outfit! If they have failed then what hope is there for the *1,968* other tackle shops out there? (* figure from Tackle and Guns trade magazine)
    My commiserations to all those loyal staff at Bennett’s who have lost their job’s. Micky Sullivan.

  • David G Ruddiman

    Can’t say how sorry I am that Bennetts have closed. I started Buying from them Over 20 Years Ago when my Son Got into Fishing. Ashpoles of Islington was our local Tackle shop (also Gone) But Bennetts with its payment Scheme was the First call for the Bigger Christmas Gifts
    I always browsed the Internet and the Bosfish site with interest
    They will be sadly Missed
    David R

  • Owl4Lyfe

    just thought I’d let you all know, i have worked at Bennetts for the last 15 years, and to DEX i just thought I’d add there was no pay rise for over 9 years. bennetts was a great company but sadly was ran to the ground by the owner (whom i shall remain anonymous) as you may have noticed in mail order cases a lot of stock had to be ordered in per the order as we stopped stocking alot of things that we used to stock at the beginning of 2009, i went into work (clueless of what was happening) on monday 1st of november 2010 and was told bennetts has been liquidated and have been laid off like all of my co-workers. I just thought you all should know the story.
    many thanks 🙂

  • Martin

    Before opening my own shop I “shopped” online at Bennett’s. A sad day and loss to the angler. My thanks and best wishes for the future go to the staff who provided such a good sevice over the years.

  • Dex

    Spare a thought for the hard working staff who I know have worked so hard,especially after the floods of 3 years ago, with no pay rise for over 6 years just to keep thie shop alive!!

  • SheffSean

    What a shocker, i`ve lived in Sheffield for over 30 and always shopped at Bennets even though they`re prices were a little high on some stuff but i`ve always believed in supporting local businesses, what a shame, hope they make a comeback very soon.

  • Pete

    Nooooo!!! I used Bosfish quite a lot. Very sad news indeed.

  • paul

    shame ,i have been going to bennetts for years,,,used to have a look round at what i wanted and then go over the road to callcots or billy clarkes because the same tackle was alot cheaper..internet shopping is slowly closing the good old tackle shops…

  • richiroo

    OMG if bennetts carnt keep going in the present climate what s the future for the rest ?????????