AN EXCITING competition for barbel anglers is in the process of being set up to be run over the course of a whole river season with monthly and yearly winners.

Patrick Oliver, pictured here with a just-caught Trent 13 lb 7 oz barbel, is in the early stages of devising the British Barbel Angling Championships and is already in talks with key sponsors and Barbel Society chiefs to get the right format.

And while Sawley, Derbyshire-based Patrick would love to get the national comp off the ground for this June 16th, realistically he thinks it will be all systems go for starting the summer of 2012.

For the full story on this and a round-up  of all major single species competitions, read this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.

  • Doug Woods

    It’s about time such a wonderful fish was given the respect it deserves with such a competition.
    I look forward to seeing how the format works out.
    Hopefully it will be a nationwide competition with a final over 2 days on the Severn or the Wye.