AN Angler’s Mail reader has reported the first instance of an otter picking up fishing bait when one of the mammals twice grabbed his float fished sardine (pictured).

Midlands all-rounder Stewart Bloor exclusively told the Mail how he was fishing for pike on the middle reaches of the River Severn in Staffordshire.

The otter was totally unharmed at it did NOT get hooked.

The Sedgley Staffordshire-based church minister, and popular online blogger, tells his full story in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine (issue dated November 29, 2011).

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  • Tony

    I own a fishery and am very concerned that those bodies that threw re introdution of these beautifull creatures into there native water ways did not advise us of the impact they would have and the precautions we should have put in place to protect our fish.Like most fisheries we spend a fortune in re stocking programs year in year out. I have taken steps with our solicitors to take action against those that would have an effect on my fishery in the way of loss threw unatural causes (my fishery was there before this introduction)i suggest you all do the same