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Richard Clarke

Catfish – now a native species in the UK?

And the Angling Trust, angling’s governing body, have called for the Government to carry out a comprehensive scientific study to see if Europe’s largest coarse fish can become a native UK…

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New group for carp anglers

As we reported in June, The Carp Society, who once had over 5,000 members, was on the brink of dissolving with as little as ten members left and there were…


Stunning river brace

The Nottingham-based window cleaner certainly mopped up with the big beards on a stretch of the River Trent near Radcliffe in the same county. The 29-year-old told the Mail: “The…

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50% drop in fishing rod licence sales

Junior rod licence sales in 2009 were a healthy 126,000. In the five years since there has been a drastic decline and last year just 64,000 12-16-year-old bought a rod…